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SpaBrite Lights From Pentair - Reliability in Spa Lighting

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/01/2022

SpaBrite Lights From Pentair - Reliability in Spa Lighting

Light up your night with one of the most impactful and reliable spa lights available on the market, the SpaBrite from Pentair. Captivate your senses and set the mood for a truly unique system setup.

SpaBrite lights install in small plastic or stainless-steel Pentair niches and are absolutely perfect for spas and areas where space is an issue or simply not available for a full-size light. These lights can be utilized with either a stainless-steel or triple-chrome plated brass face ring.

SpaBrite lights help bring your pool to life with prismatic tempered glass lenses and stainless-steel clamps that provide easy access. These lights are incandescent 12 volts, or halogen 120-volt lamps and snap-on colored face ring covers are available if you’d like as well.

These Pentair SpaBrite lights are designed to supply big lighting performance for both spas and smaller pools, and in areas where space for full-size lights simply doesn’t exist or looks awkward. When the sun goes down, these lights show up in a big way. A great feature of these lights is that they can have different color lens covers for different motifs or styles. The Pentair Kwik-Change Lens Covers connect quickly. All it takes is a little snap.

SpaBrite lights are really only the beginning. Looking for full-sized lights that are modern, reliable, and energy efficient? Both MicroBrite and IntelliBrite are also available from Pentair. These lights all bring extra life to your outdoor living and make your amazing pool project even better. These light systems work remotely and can even be dialed into the IntelliCenter, Pentair’s own pool automation. Looking for multi-colored arrays or enchanting light shows? Pentair’s lighting systems illuminate the way to a truly brilliant pool experience.

Pentair SpaBrite lights, along with all of Pentair’s different lighting products offer unlimited customization options. With different sizes and functionality, you can really pick a setup that provides the best illumination, colors, and style for what you are trying to accomplish with your project. Customization works for such things as theme parties, like the 4th of July, or to highlight special water features like a fountain, laminar jets, or a waterfall. Another aspect to consider is that after the sun goes down, pool lighting makes your pool that much safer as it shines a light on all features, allowing everyone to take part in the nighttime fun. Pool lighting adds mystery, beauty, and safety.

Our team at E-Z Test Pool Supplies has many years of experience in pool lighting and we would be happy to help answer any questions that you may have about Pentair SpaBrite lights or any of Pentair’s lighting products.


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