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Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heaters

Published by Matt Fichera on 09/21/2020

Sta-Rite Max-E-Therm Pool and Spa Heaters

The Max-E-Therm is the lightest heater in its class as well as being the most energy efficient. Exceling both in outdoor setups as well as indoors, these heaters are both low NOx and environmentally friendly. Sta-Rite really has put together some great features on this heating line including an LCD temperature readout that includes dual thermostat controls and a temperature safety lockout along with a 6-position control panel.

The Max-E-Therm line is constructed from dura-glas resin making them rust proof combining with a cupro-nickel exchanger making them durable enough to stand up to the harshest of conditions such as low pH, heavy usage, or higher flow.

When it comes to operating costs the Max-E-Therm has a best in class 84% efficiency rating that contributes to overall savings. It’s easy for retro-fit installations as well as switching gas sources with installation of a separate orifice.

Sta-Rite and it’s Max-E-Therm heaters help you with that “warm all-over” feeling. This especially comes into play more for days early on or late in the season, when the pool looks so inviting but there may still be a chill in the air and in the water. Utilizing a Sta-Rite heater helps get the water to that “just right” temperature without leaving you high and dry. Fueling and ignition mechanisms allow for faster warming of both your pool and spa. When the water is at an ideal temperature, you’ll want to use your pool more often as well as extending the season on both ends. From quiet relaxation to crazy fun, and everything in between, the water is always enjoyable when you’ve chosen to use a Max-E-Therm from Sta-Rite.

If the cost of running a pool heater was something that was holding you back you can proceed knowing that this heater has a best-in-class efficiency rating. The Max-E-Therm is a hot one and it’s an industry favorite because of it. Its sleek, contemporary styling offers a much easier choice over other traditional heater choices. This is way better than those other “clunky metal boxes” that the competition makes that are just waiting for the rust to set in.

There are always those days where you’re about to enjoy a dip in your pool and the “toe test” tells you differently. This is no problem for the Max-E-Therm as convenient, easy-to-use controls quickly puts the heating unit to work with a perfectly balanced mix of fuel and air in its combustion chamber and in turn, faster heating and warmer water.

The Max-E-Therm offers you Sta-Rite's latest technological advances while operating at 100 or 220 volts. When it comes to plumbing and installation, these heaters are both flexible and lightweight along with an expertly compact design. You can count on years of dependable service with its rugged internal components and totally rustproof enclosure.

Top 6 Features of the Max-E-Therm from Sta-Rite:

1.) The Pollution Solution: Low NOx emissions.

2.) Lower Operating Costs: 84% thermal efficiency rating which is first in its class.

3.) Safe Operation: Electronic ignition means no pilot lights going out or leaking gas.

4.) Better Control Panel: Working with all plumbing setups, the control panel has 6 usable positions.

5.) Rustproof: Black Dura-Glas material handles heat and weather backed by a 10-year warranty.

6.) Fits with Custom or Retrofit. Direct-connects to Sta-Rite System 3 or other systems.

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