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​Start a Revival in Your Swimming Pool!

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 02/12/2018

​Start a Revival in Your Swimming Pool!

Do you like effective, easy to use pool products that actually work as advertised, help you take care of multiple concerns at once all in one application and save you time and aggravation while allowing you to have cleaner, clearer healthier looking water?

...I know what you're thinking...I may have just asked you just about the stupidest question in the history of pool blogs! "I like complicated, extremely technical, limited pool products!", said no one ever!

But the question is really only stupid in the sense that we know that literally everyone who reads the question above is answering with a resounding, "Of course I do!"

The problem is you may automatically suspect that there are no such products, as if caring for your pool is supposed to be complicated, extremely technical, and time consuming. Well, when we come across products that are truly easy to use, address multiple issues and make your life easier, we are quick to shine a spotlight on them.  REVIVE!® from API Pool Products is a great example of one such product. REVIVE! is a fantastic pool-owner-friendly chemical that helps you accomplish many of the goals common to keeping your pool healthy looking & inviting.

Here is a list of just a few benefits that REVIVE! will bring to your pool -

  • Removes phosphates which can become food/fuel for algae
  • Removes metals such as iron & copper
  • Prevents staining on plaster & vinyl pools
  • Captures carbonates to keep scaling from happening
  • Clears cloudy water quickly without having to adjust or balance water first.
  • Aids in removing organic debris
  • Restores water quality within hours
  • Ideal use for pools using well water

What most people find amazing is that for most of these concerns you can easily spend a lot of money for chemicals that only address one of these issues.  REVIVE! addresses all these concerns without the risk of reacting with other chemicals - in fact, REVIVE! is fully compatible with other pool chemicals, different sanitizers, and will not harm your pool's finish.

REVIVE! can be used for start-ups, new pools, spring opens, newly plastered pools, major algae issues, and even pools that have been abandoned. The best part is that it works best when used regularly as maintenance. There are 2 methods of application - 1. Pour directly into the pool, & 2. Attach a garden hose to the bottle and spray over the surface of the pool. Depending upon what your main concern is, application method varies. What doesn't vary...the consistently great results you'll see in your pool.

That's it. If you like uncomplicated, simple, reliable things,  REVIVE! is going to be a great product for you. Be sure to ask any one of our pool professionals in our stores about REVIVE! and they'll be sure to help explain how this product will make your life easier.

Keep Swimming!