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Swimming Pool UV Systems

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/27/2019

Swimming Pool UV Systems

Part of owning a swimming pool is the responsibility of keeping it clean so that you and all of your family and friends may enjoy it. Neglecting pool care can hurt the pool’s equipment, and more importantly can create an environment that’s unhealthy for swimmers. To keep your pool clean and safe there’s a few options available. Water that appears to be crystal clear can, in fact, still have issues and imbalances that need to be addressed.

There are many ways to keep pool water clear of bacteria and parasites but the one that we’re focusing on specifically is inground  pool UV systems which use ultra-violet light to sanitize. Choosing this treatment method doesn’t involve pumping a ton of chemicals into your pool and some even say that they are better than the “old school” way of treating water with chlorine.

Swimming pool UV systems clean your pool almost completely without chemicals. They work like a germicide to rid your pool water of all microorganisms in the pool. The UV light actually goes after them, alters their DNA so they can’t reproduce and then kills them. This technology is even designed so that the UV light is contained with no way of exposing it to you or anyone enjoying the pool.

Your pool’s chemical consumption will be significantly reduced but not completely stopped. You will still need to rely on low levels of chlorine or another disinfecting agent to control the water that may take some time in getting back to the UV filter for treatment but the amount used is considerably less than without it.

The  UV system is installed so that the water goes through the pool’s filtration system and then through the rays which are emitted within a graphite housing destroying bothersome algae, bacteria, viruses and everything in between. The neat part is that this is done at a cellular level halting their ability to reproduce and terminating them completely.

For everyone who’s currently reading and thinking to themselves, “UV light, pool water, and people, is this safe?” the answer is a most definite yes. The UV light never actually leaves the graphite housing, so almost all of the process takes place within the system, and on top of this it actually needs very little maintenance.

The price for a UV system averages around $300 to $600 for a reliable product that will last years and do a great job. All brands are different and it’s best to do research before you purchase so you know all of the options and how they differ.

Some things to take note of while shopping include:

  • -The size of the bulb.
  • -Gallons per minute the system can handle.
  • -UV Product Warranty
  • -There are clear differences and price points between residential and commercial.

Choosing to go with a UV pool system is a good way to save money on chemicals while also being more friendly to the environment. You’ll also want to remember that you will still need to keep tabs on the pH levels of the pool because if they fall out of line, they can adversely impact your pool’s filtration system. Also be prepared to monitor and replace the light and sanitize the piping in the system if it calls for it.