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Swimming Pool Water Reagent Best Practices

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/14/2020

Swimming Pool Water Reagent Best Practices

Swimming Pool Water Reagent Best Practices

There are many best practices to adhere to when storing and using your swimming pool water reagents. It’s really important to keep them in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight, and to select a place that stays within a certain temperature range. Never allow the reagents to freeze and also make sure that as you use your supply, that you rotate the stock and use the oldest ones first.

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Taylor Reagents

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Reagents have a shelf life which has to do with the active ingredients in the product. It is important that you discard reagents that have expired so that your readings are accurate and your water is healthy. The reagent bottles can be small so make sure that you put the caps back on and tightly secure them after use. Always make sure to rinse the sample and testing containers using fresh water.


  • -Make sure the water sample bottle is 12 to 18 inches below the water surface when collecting a sample.
  • -The bottle should be clean and free of contaminants.
  • -The highest level of contaminants in the pool water are at the surface. That is why it’s important the sample is taken below the pool water surface.
  • -When taking a sample, stay away from return outlets as they have the highest level of chemicals returning to the pool.

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