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The INOPOOL Latitude Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Cordless and Revolutionary!

Published by Monique on 06/11/2024

The INOPOOL Latitude Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner Is Cordless and Revolutionary!

If you're tired of spending hours vacuuming and brushing your pool, the new INOPOOL Latitude Plus is here to change the game. This revolutionary cordless, robotic pool cleaner takes the work out of maintaining your pool's sparkle.

Complete Coverage Without Cords or Hoses

One of the biggest headaches with traditional pool cleaners is dealing with cumbersome cords and hoses. The Latitude Plus operates completely cord-free using a rechargeable 6400 mAh lithium-ion battery. Just drop it in and let it get to work thoroughly cleaning floors, walls, and the waterline up to 1,400 square feet.

Intelligent Cleaning Power

Don't settle for a random cleaning pattern that misses spots. The Latitude Plus uses programmed path cleaning to systematically cover every inch. Its powerful dual motors provide great suction to capture leaves, twigs, dust, sand and more. When it's done, it automatically parks itself along the pool wall for easy removal.

Customized Cleaning Schedule

You can tailor the cleaning schedule to your pool's needs with programmable options to run up to 4 cycles per week. Multiple cleaning modes allow targeting just the floor, walls, waterline, or all surfaces. There's even a turbo mode for an extra-thorough floor cleaning when needed.

Advanced Sensors and Features

The Latitude Plus uses smart sensors to avoid obstacles, maintain proper depth and distance from surfaces, and calculate the optimal cleaning path. Its durable, anticorrosive design works on any pool surface including ceramic tiles, gunite, vinyl liners, and fiberglass.

Low Maintenance and Long Warranty

At only 18 lbs, the Latitude Plus is lightweight and easy to handle. It's also incredibly low maintenance with no labor-intensive setup between uses. INOPOOL stands behind it with an excellent 24 month warranty, plus 12 more months on the battery.

If you're ready to take pool cleaning off your chores list, the INOPOOL Latitude Plus provides a simply superior experience. Get amazing hands-free results with the industry-leading robotic pool cleaner, only at EZ Pool & Spa Supply.