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The Pentair Compool 24V Valve Actuator

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/20/2020

The Pentair Compool 24V Valve Actuator

The Pentair Compool Valve actuator comes in two different designs. One has  90 degrees of rotation while the other has 180 degrees of rotation. The 90-degree actuator is designed for use with 2-port Compool, Ortega and Jandy pool and spa valves while the 180-degree actuator is for use with 3-port valves.

These actuators are enclosed within a case that is corrosion proof while coming with 3-wire, compatible with all 24-VAC systems, and includes 25-feet of cable. There’s also a service switch for flow and direction. These actuators are ETL recognized and for use with the Pentair Intellitouch.

Both actuators work to actively prevent dead-heading of pumps. Dead heading occurs when the discharge of a pump is blocked or closed inadvertently. At this point, the pump will go to its maximum shut-off head, the fluid will be recirculated within the pump resulting in overheating and possible damage.

A typical pool or spa setup may have anywhere from 3 to 6 diverter valves that control the flow of water through the pool system, and spa if applicable. There are cams inside the valve actuator that set the positions of the valve in ON 1 and ON 2. To access these cam settings, remove the four small screws in the top cap of the actuator. Remove the cover and observe how the cams work. The cam is the actual inner workings of the actuator that work to change the valve to the desired percentage of open/closed. It’s always important to remember that on pool and spa systems with actuators of any kind that you don’t attempt to change the position of the diverter valves by hand. To set these, the user manual is available at the link below.

Pentair also has their latest IntelliValve coming with a user interface which allows you to adjust the cam settings without having to open the actuator up. The IntelliValve is available for purchase at any of our retail stores. Looking to purchase online? Valve Actuators and Parts are available for purchase at:

Pentair 90-Degree 2-Port
Pentair 180-Degree 3-Port
Pentair IntelliValve

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