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The Pool Pillow Pal

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/28/2020

The Pool Pillow Pal

The Pool Pillow Pal

A pool should be all about relaxation, not work. Covering your swimming pool after a summer season can be frustrating. Utilizing a pool pillow and winter cover isn’t always the easiest thing. Tying the pillow to the sides of the pool, centering it, making sure the ropes don’t break, trying to get the cover over the pillow, all without any help? This can for sure be a recipe for an increased level of stress as you go through fall closing. This is where the Pool Pillow Pal comes in. Designed to connect and center your pool pillow and winter cover with ease, no ropes, no ties, no hassle or frustration is needed.

All About Pool Pillows:

A pool pillow works to compensate for the ice that will form on the surface of your pool cover during the winter months when the temperature goes below freezing. During long and sustained periods of cold, the ice accumulates and acts like a glacier that expands outwards reaching toward the sides of your pool. This can be detrimental as too much ice can damage your pool walls.

Using a pool pillow helps the ice to expand inward towards the pillow and not outward toward the walls. In the spring during melting it also works to evenly distribute the ice while maintaining smaller chunks. The pool pillow is low cost insurance to take the stress and extra weight off your pool’s walls.  The Pool Pillow Pal makes this low-cost insurance policy so much easier to use. No more messing with ropes and ties or wasting time trying to center the pillow.

In past years maybe you’ve had trouble with the ropes breaking or the pool pillow shifting out of place. The ice still forms but now, because the pillow is out of place the ice is unevenly balanced which can put an uneven stress on your pool walls. Another problem that maybe you have run into is the wind getting under the cover and blowing it around, contributing to unneeded wear and tear on your cover that you’ve invested in. The Pool Pillow Pal has you “covered” by acting as an anchor for the cover and securing it in place protecting it during windy conditions and prolonging the life of the pool cover.

The Pool Pillow Pal

All About the Pool Pillow Pal System:

So, what makes The Pool Pillow Pal system special? It’s a patented connection system consisting of flexible patches that are specifically designed for getting the job done. They are cold resistant as well as durable and flexible. One of the patches attaches to you air pillow and the other to your winter cover. They are meant to be connected so that the cover and pillow can be slid onto your pool as one unit. This eliminates ties, ropes, and stress. Thinking of making your own or purchasing a knock off? You won’t be able to find the material used at a hardware store or big-box store. It’s industrial strength and formulated to work all of the way down to -40 degrees. Others cannot match this with the adhesive falling off and causing mid-winter problems and headaches that you don’t want.

The Pool Pillow Pal is a low cost / high value product as it assists with a task that all pool owners have to undertake annually. Closing your pool is not optional but experiencing the frustration that comes along with it is. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and patented, this unique product is ready to get the job done.

How to Use the Pool Pillow Pal:

Locate the center of your pool cover and mark it with a tab. The best way to find the center is to fold the cover in half then half again. Next, mark the center point on the underside which is the side closest to the water. At this time you can attach the white portion of the Pool pillow Pal to the cover. Remove the plastic backing then align the die-cut hold directly over the tab that you used to mark the center point. It is good advice to make sure that this section of the cover is clean and dry. Apply using firm pressure to both the cover and the pillow. Apply the black Pool pillow Pal to the center of the air pillow. We suggest inflating the pillow to about 60% to 80% of its capacity then line up  The Pool Pillow Pal patch on the pillow with the one on the cover and connect with firm pressure. At this point you are ready to put the cover and the attached pillow into the pool securing the cover onto the pool evenly by using the manufacturer’s instructions. At this point the Pool Pillow Pal will do the rest until next season.

Get the Most Out of Your Pool Pillow by Adhering to These Tips:

Inflating your pool pillow to approximately 60% to 80% of full capacity will allow for compression occurring from the extra weight of the snow and ice. If it’s completely inflated it may not compress and just pop/break. It’s a good idea to use some silicon lube which is what you use on O-rings around the valve of the pool pillow. Doing so will help create a better seal. Put some duct tape over the valve and seal to protect it and make sure the valve is facing the cover, not the water, when installed. Some cover manufacturers recommend once your pool is secure to add about an inch of water on top of the cover to help with stabilizing and securing the cover in windy conditions.

The Pool Pillow Pal makes it very easy to put in your pool pillow, and it will hold it secure and centered from closing to opening!