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Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation

Published by EZ Pool & Spa Supply on 06/13/2019

Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation

Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation

Thermo-Wall insulation helps retain heat that is typically lost through the walls of your above ground pool especially during cold nights. Your pool heats up during warm sunny days to a pleasant temperature and then drops at night with all of that warmth escaping. What results from this is a pretty darn cold pool the following morning. Thermo-Wall helps with this heat loss by adding a layer to the pool walls and trapping in more heat.

Electricity and Heaters

Maybe you have a pool heater or a heat pump that operates during the day or for a certain period of time before or during pool use. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could retain some of that heat and it wasn’t all just dissipating after use? In today’s “Green” world the idea of reducing electricity use while maintaining a warm pool in an attractive one.

How It Works

For both of these reasons and more is where  Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation comes in. It’s installed between the liner of the pool and the exterior wall of the pool. Reducing heat loss all of the way up to 80%, this amazing product most definitely adds long term value to the setup of your above ground pool. It is said that for every cold night you lose approximately 15 degrees from the temperature of your pool and choosing to go with this material reduces this greatly. This product actually also acts as a vapor barrier between the liner and the wall of the pool blocking out condensation that, over time, causes the wall to corrode and break down. This happens when the warm water meets the cold temperatures and condensation gets trapped between the structural wall of the pool and the internal liner that holds the water. When you use Thermo-Wall, this doesn’t happen.

The “R” Value

The Thermo-Wall helps to increase the pool’s overall “R-value”. This is a measure of how a constructed barrier resists the conductive forces of heat transfer. Technically it is the temperature difference per unit of heat flux needed to sustain one unit of heat flux between the warmer surface and colder surface of a barrier under steady-state conditions. Utilizing Thermo-Wall increases the "R" by 3. So if a pool wall had an "R"value of 0 and you added this product it now has an "R" value of 3.

Use a Surface Blanket!

We would also recommend using a water surface blanket during the overnight hours or really during any time where the temperature drops. These surface blankets usually have clips that attached it to the sides and will work to retain heat and will work in conjunction with the Thermal-Wall product.


Thermo-Wall is absolutely quick and easy to install. It comes in a larger roll that we then cut to order based on the size of your pool. It is typical practice for it to come slightly oversized to allow for stretching and to have some give upon setup. The material measures in at 3/16” thick, is very durable, resistant to punctures, very light weight, and easy to handle.

Installation is very easy and we recommend using  spray tack to adhere the insulating material to the inside wall of the pool. Utilizing this product helps soften the walls of the pool so that when someone presses on the wall or kicks off, it actually feels softer. It also helps to create a uniform appearance on the inside of the pool by hiding any glaring liner seams and imperfections that could exist.


Thermo-Wall is truly the only product on the market today that is designed specifically for insulating pools and there are very few retailers who actually sell it. Would you like to extend pool season for a few weeks on each end? Using Thermo-Wall insulation would be a great way to accomplish this while also helping to preserve structural integrity. Our on-staff pool specialists can definitely assist in getting you the correct size insulation as well as answering all questions. Please see our available sizes located  here as well as spray tack here