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Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners to Buy?

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 05/03/2019

Top 5 Best Robotic Pool Cleaners to Buy?

What Are The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners?

We’ve come a very long way in pool cleaning. Gone are the days of manually scrubbing pools, or even attaching a device to your walls. If you don’t want to dedicate time to pool cleaning, then investing in a robotic pool cleaner is the way to go. Typically, the only thing required of you these days is to drop the robot into the pool, plug it in (if needed), and let the robot go to work for you. Yes, it’s that easy.

There are some very important things to consider when evaluating what pool cleaner brand and model that you’ll go with. There are many great selling points and the technology continuously improves but you still have to consider a few things before doing model comparisons.

The very first thing that you must look at is reliability. Will the pool cleaner work when I need it to? Will it do what it is intended to do consistently and efficiently? This may include doing a bit of homework up front, but that homework will pay off when you choose a cleaner that is both well received in the marketplace and works for what you need it to do. You may have to read some reviews on reputable sites or speak with a dealer face to face for additional information. Another great resource is watching educational demo videos where you could see the product in action. Many manufacturer’s websites include videos as well as dealer sites and YouTube. Sometimes just seeing the robot cleaning the pool can help you make your decision.

Another very important thing is that the robot needs to be lightweight. You need to be able to carry it to and from the pool and be able to lift it in and out of the pool while not expending too much effort. It should not take multiple people, or your maximum effort to maneuver your pool robot where you need it to go.

We also like robots that are gear driven versus ones that are belt driven. The belts do tend to wear and the potential to break and replace seems to be higher. The technology has leaned toward robots functioning more with gears and with greater efficiency as well.

The manufacturer’s warranty is also a very important thing to consider when selecting a robotic pool cleaner. Things to think about include warranties that would cover against defective materials or bad workmanship. Other things to consider are how the warranty is written, and if the robot is built on a DIY platform, meaning that any certified dealer can work on it compared to having to ship it to the dealer directly costing you precious downtime on your investment. Does the manufacturer offer accessible customer service, and do they have a network of dealers that you would be able to utilize for any unforeseen issues?

There are many different cleaners out there these days with many different abilities. We’ll go through our top 5 robot picks and tell you “what’s what” in today’s robotic market.

Dolphin M400 With Bluetooth

  • This model is a very popular one. It’s known for its efficiency and cleaning pools up to 50 feet in length. Its advanced system called CleverClean™ scans for systematic cleaning coverage of all walls, the floor, and the water-line that leaves the pool amazingly clean throughout. Also featured is a Dynamic Dual Drive motor for precise maneuverability anywhere in the pool. It’s got dual level filtration separating the course and finer materials that it collects for clog free operation. The power supply is easy to use and helps you save both energy and money as well as being eligible for use with the MyDolphin App allowing for remote control of the cleaner. This robot is a great seller, but you’ll have to find your nearest Maytronics dealer as it is not offered for purchase online. Check out the video at the end of the blog!



Polaris 8050 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • This sport model delivers great cleaning coverage for all surfaces of an in-ground pool. It’s unique design easily climbs walls and expertly navigates steps for optimal cleaning throughout. The 8050 has Cyclonic Vacuum Technology with an over-sized intake area that grabs debris while maintaining suction and uses the well-known Push’N’Go ® canister. This enables debris removal with a large transparent window allowing you to see what the unit has collected. Another great feature is the Surface Control System that auto adjusts pool surface settings for optimal wall climbing, a dual-cleaning cycle for one-touch, on-demand cleaning cycles, and a durable caddy for easy transport. The 8050 utilizes energy and costs just pennies a day to operate and finishes an entire pool in as little as 1.5 hours. This one also can only be purchased at your local pool store and is unfortunately not available online. 


Dolphin Nautilus Pool Cleaner

  • Dolphin checks in with precision navigation technology and its CleverClean™ coverage that is made possible by a state-of-the-art navigation system and scanning software that ensures the most efficient cleaning route is taken. This system is so smart that it can automatically go around any obstacle and return to its planned-out route having the pool done within 2 hours. This robot has a very easy to use basket allowing debris to be removed quickly. The nautilus checks in at 13 pounds making it easy to lift and handle.



Dolphin Triton Plus Pool Cleaner

  • The Triton Plus is a larger robot that weighs 16.5 pounds and has amazing grip for ease in vertical cleaning. The Powerstream Mobility system creates a multi-directional flow of water enabling a constant grip on all vertical surfaces. This technology improves navigation and allows the vehicle to produce the cleanliest surfaces possible scrubbing away all unwanted algae and bacteria. Advanced scanning ensures complete pool coverage within 2 hours. The Triton uses a Multi-Function Power Supply allowing you to save energy with cyclical cleaning, multi-mode, and start delay all from a simple touch screen control. This robot can also be controlled remotely from the MyDolphin App allowing for activation of cleaning programs, a weekly timer, and lots more!


Aquabot Breeze IQ

  • This robot is designed with Residential In-Ground Pools in mind and does well in all shapes sizes and surfaces. The Breeze takes advantage of the Aqua Smart System which allows the robot to do its job in a synchronized fashion that keeps the cable from tangling, optimizes time and allows for the full effort of the vehicle to be concentrated on cleaning and not doubling back. The Breeze IQ is successful because of three key attributes. It is convenient in its use, has a powerful pump system allowing for a better cleaning performance down to 2 microns, and of course its smart technology allowing the job to get done fast while not sacrificing performance. The IQ also has durable all-terrain PVC scrubbing brushes and a long 60 ft. cable.

There you have it, our top 5 robotic pool cleaners. While there are many other models that are also truly capable, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites. Also, another thing to take note of is that toward the beginning of pool season most manufacturers offer a rebate after the purchase is complete. It is our advice to look into this both online and with your local store. A rebate helps you get something that is reliable, works the best for you and saves you time in the long run. Pool season is a great season and you can’t enjoy it unless you have a clean pool. We have a full selection of  pool cleaners available and we would love to answer and questions that you may have.