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Top Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/10/2021

Top Commercial Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Wave series combines more than 30 years of pool cleaning experience with expert craftmanship and cutting-edge technology. Their robots are durable, heavy duty, and designed to work with very minimal human intervention. These robots use a self-contained inner filter, that works to collect all debris from larger objects all of the way down to smaller dust particles. There’s no pre-installation needed and no need to connected anything to your pool’s operating system. The Dolphin Wave series offers several choices depending on the size of your commercial pool.

Wave 60

The  Dolphin Wave 60 from Maytronics is for pools up to 50 ft. in length. This could be a pool at a condo, a hotel, or apartment complex as the Wave 60 expertly removes dirt and debris with its powerful and thorough scrubbing and filtering abilities. Looking for a comprehensive clean? The Wave 60 is definitely the way to go.

The Wave 60 scrubs the floor, waterline and walls eliminating the need for your time spent manually brushing. The Wave 60 is “Plug and Play” meaning that it’s good to go to work right out of the box. With more of a focus on the health of your pool water these days, you will be happy to know that the Wave 60 circulates thousands of gallons of water per hour for clean and safe water you don’t have to worry about.

In a time crunch? The  Wave 60 can get the pool clean in as little as 1.5 hours with the quick cycle time, or 2.5 hours with the standard cleaning mode. Utilizing the well-known CleaverClean technology the robot comprehensively scans the pool for the quickest and most cost-effective route. The robot takes Fine and Ultra-Fine cartridge filters and tackles the job using dual scrubbing brushes. It weighs in at 24.6 pounds and includes 60 ft. of tangle-free cable. Use the caddy that’s included for easy transportation and storage.

Wave 80

The  Dolphin Wave 80 from Maytronics is a great choice for pools that are small to medium sized pools providing highly effective scrubbing and filtering capabilities. Neighborhood pools, condominium complexes, apartments, any pools up to 68 feet in length would be a great fit for the Wave 80.

The Wave 80 saves you valuable time when it comes to maintaining your facility pool with its easy, plug-and-play operation. This robot is equipped with dual brushes and a center active brush for highly effective scrubbing of the floor, walls, and waterline. With comprehensive cleaning and superior filtering capabilities, you can rest assured your guests are swimming in healthy, sparkling water.

Healthy water that sparkles is achievable faster as the robot is ready to go right out of the box and is fitted with dual brushes and an additional active brush in the center providing the ability to clean the waterline, walls, and floors. Rest assured that your guests are enjoying safe pool water when you depend on the Wave 80.

The robot operates using a tangle free cable that measures 78 ft. and can be operated with a choice of three different cleaning cycles. The Quick which is 1.5 hours, The Standard which is 2.5 hours, and The Enhance which is 3.5 hours. A remote control makes it easy to direct you robot to specific target areas as is needed for spot cleaning.

The Wave 80 uses both Fine and Ultra-Fine cartridge filters and utilizes the well-known CleverClean technology which expertly scans the pool area and maps the most efficient route to get the job done. It’s so smart that it can even steer around obstacles and return to its intended route. A full bag indicator tells you when it’s time to clean the filter and it costs less than 15 cents to clean the entire pool. Transportation is also easy as the robot weighs 24.6 pounds and includes a caddy for moving and storage.

Wave 100

A powerful and highly efficient veteran, the  Dolphin Wave 100 from Maytronics is the perfect fit for pools all of the way up to 88 feet long. The advanced CleverClean system provides accurate pool wide scanning for optimal cleaning route planning. The Wave 100 expertly cleans the waterline, the floor, and the walls with dual scrubbing brushes and dual drive motors ensuring a clean and safe pool for all of your guests.

The Wave 100 is ideal for pools that are classified mid-size such as those found in gyms, water parks, fitness clubs, YMCAs and more. The robot has multiple cleaning options and is ready to go out of the box, saving you time and money while allowing you to focus you and your staff’s efforts elsewhere.

The Dolphin Wave 100 has 4-, 6-, and 8-hour cleaning cycles and is a bottom load filtration machine. This means that the filter is accessed from the bottom of the vehicle and it can use both the fine and ultra-fine filters depending on the debris that it’s tackling. Looking to take control of the robot in mid clean? There is a remote control provide to help you direct the robot to any problem spots or extra dirty areas for extra focus.

The robot comes with a caddy for secure storage and easy moving. A 98-foot cable which is tangle-free helps to make sure the robot can move about freely while tackling a cleaning job. It costs less than 15 cents to have your facility’s pool cleaned when choosing to go with the Wave 100. Easily take the robot out of the water when finished as it only weighs 24.25 pounds.

Commercial swimming pools all over the country have selected the Dolphin Wave Series as their robotic pool cleaner. Hotels, spas, schools, swim centers, country clubs and more all use Dolphin Wave pool cleaners as they know they can be relied upon for safe, sparkling, and healthy pool water. We are a Maytronics Certified dealer. We have an on-staff robotic technician as well as a team of professionals who have many years of robotic pool cleaner experience. We would be happy to help advise and answer any questions that you may have.