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​Variable Speed Above Ground Pool Pumps by Speck

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 12/14/2017

​Variable Speed Above Ground Pool Pumps by Speck

Variable Speed Above Ground Pool Pumps by Speck - Value & Versatility

Are you about to set up a new above ground pool and need to select a pump? Or, is it simply time that you replaced your old, tired (maybe even dead!) pool pump? Well, if you are in either position, don’t settle for outdated technology. You owe it to yourself to consider buying a Speck brand variable speed pool pump. The new Speck E71-II VHV pump offers you modern control and amazing value. This pump will not only save you a boatload of cash in the long run in terms of operating costs, but will likely also save you in the short run as well, especially compared to the price of old-school single speed pumps.

So let’s delve into a brief explanation of the difference between this pump and most other garden variety pumps. Most above ground pool pumps are pretty simple – consisting of an old style electric motor and a “wet end” that pushes the water (an impeller, water seal, trap, basket, etc.). By and large most above ground pool pumps are single speed, meaning that it will run at a top speed of about 3500 RPM’s. But this is not always an effective flow rate, running often too fast for most filters to filter effectively. Add to that the fact that the same pump running at lower speeds uses much, much less power, meaning that the pump at half the speed may push half as much volume of water, but uses a great deal less than half of the power. In fact as you decrease RPM’s power consumption goes down exponentially. The takeaway from this is that you are still able to move the same amount of water (or more) in a 24 hour period while achieving finer filtration and do it at a fraction of the power cost.

That alone would be reason enough to invest in a new Speck variable speed above ground pump! With this pump there is a fully programmable LED controller screen that allows you to set up and operate different flow rates to kick in automatically as needed. This pump even has the capability to be controlled remotely using a phone app, so you can adjust flow rate on the fly from anywhere allowing you to increase flow after peak usage (i.e. a party), chemical mixing, etc. The keypad can be locked as well for your family’s safety and security. Flow rate can even be adjusted from as low as 50 RPM’s all the way up to 3500 RPM’s in 10 RPM increments, giving you incredible control of you pool.

Also, the Speck E71-II VHV pump uses a permanent magnet motor (not the typical coil induction motor), meaning it is not only quieter, but it also produces considerably less heat than typical motors. In case you didn’t know it, heat is the main killer of most pump motors. Lower heat means they will last longer on average.

So let’s get this straight – this pump will cost less to operate, run more quietly, and last longer (meaning less outlay of cash to replace your pump periodically). By this time you’re thinking, “yeah, but these pumps must cost a fortune!” and “I don’t have the money needed to purchase something that sounds this great!” Actually you couldn’t be further from the truth. That’s because this technology has been in use for years now with in ground pool pumps and it’s very likely this will be the norm in ten years for above ground pools, with the direction of government regulations for the industry. Here’s the kicker – these pumps are not as expensive as you would expect and where many states offer cash back rebates through EnergyStar (Massachusetts & New Hampshire available!), these pumps are often the same amount or less installed.

So there you have it, every reason in the book you can think of to buy one of these pumps for your above ground pool – better performance, versatility, greater ease of control, quieter, and (drum roll please)…less money out of your pocket! What more could you ask for? (Well, other than how soon can we get you one too.) We at E-Z Test Pools are thoroughly excited to be offering this product to our customers as we absolutely know you’re gonna love it too. Please don’t hesitate to come by or contact us about these pumps, as we know you will see the many obvious benefits to you and your pool and expect them to be a hot new item.

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