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Variable Speed Pool Pump Presets - Pentair

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/21/2020

Variable Speed Pool Pump Presets - Pentair

Wouldn’t it be great to replace that older swimming pool pump that was installed back in the nineties when your pool went it? That pump that, when it runs, just increases the energy bill all summer. Pool pumps have come a long way and today’s variable speed varieties help save you money while also functioning at the top of their performance game.

Many rebates including brand specific as well as state sponsored exist to help get everyone on board with the EnergyStar compliant pumps. This will be a new product requirement in the very near future so taking advantage of the rebate programs will be very beneficial.

Gone are the days of just plugging the pump in, letting it go, and forgetting about it. The technology and the operation of a variable speed pool pump can seem very complex with lots to understand. This will get easier along the way in both your understanding and on your wallet. The most efficient way to program it for most applications as well as your needs will definitely start to emerge.

A couple of major upgrades and differences with the newer  variable speed pumps are the built-in timers and the ability to program your pump to operate at only a small portion of what the older single speed models did. Variable speed pumps accomplish keeping the water moving they just do it differently and more efficiently. This saves you on both power bills and chemical usage. Also, keep in mind that at any point you can you can match or even best the high-end speed of those older pumps if the situation demands.

These variable speed pumps have different presets that we’ll put into three different groups; Daytime, Night time, and Cleaning cycle. Pool owners want the operation of their pool pump to fit the needs of when they and their family are using and enjoying it. Most pools will get the most use during the daylight hours so a speed that works to collect more debris but also doesn’t create a whirlpool would be ideal. During the night hours the pool is experiencing less use so a lower operational speed keeps the water moving but isn’t excessive. The third option is the cleaning cycle preset. Fun in the sun requires sometimes making sure that the pool’s water is pristine. Cleaning cycle gets the pump operating at an increased level while cleaning and doing other pool chores.

Preset Example:

Preset 1: Cleaning Cycle – 4HRS – 3000RPM

Pentair 1.5HP 115/208-230V Superflo 1-Phase Variable Speed Pump

Preset 2: Daytime – 10HRS – 2300 RPM

Preset 3: Nighttime – 10HRS – 1800 RPM

Quick Clean - 3000 - 3500 RPM

As we had touched upon, the presets and the times assigned to them can and will vary depending on your own personal schedules but an example may look like the following: 7am-11am, 11am-9pm and 9pm-7am. Once these are programmed in, there’s not a need to revisit them unless you are looking to make a change. This is very beneficial as families can go about their busy summer schedules including trips and vacations without worrying about turning the pool pump on and/or off. Your crystal-clear water can remain intact even if you go on a trip or are away from the pool.

One other thing to mention. If you have upgraded your pool with heaters or chemical systems don’t fret as  these pumps will still work for you. These components require a certain speed to turn on and do what they were designed to do. The only thing we would need to change on the programming is the lowest preset or the Night time preset. Simply bump the speed up to whatever the minimum flow rate required for these components to kick on would be and voila. Usually the 1900RPM – 2300RPM will work but consult the owner’s manual for each add on component to ensure proper flow is met.

So, there you have it, you’re an astronaut, or more accurately a satisfied pool owner. If you have any further questions or would like to purchase one of these top of the industry variable speed pool pumps, check out the link below or call or visit any of our three locations in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. Also consult with your state to see if there is a qualifying rebate you can take advantage of. Thanks for stopping by and happy swimming.

Pentair 1.5HP 115/208-230V Superflo 1-Phase Variable Speed Pump

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