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Variable Speed Pool Pump Presets - Sta-Rite

Published by Kent Reardon on 10/27/2020

Variable Speed Pool Pump Presets - Sta-Rite

You’ve finally upgraded that noisy, energy crunching, single speed pool pump for your inground pool that came when they installed it 20 years ago. Maybe, you took advantage of one of the numerous rebates available on this  top of the industry variable speed pump, either through the manufacturer or through the many energy saving state programs. But now, what was once just plug it in and let it go, for better or worse, now feels like programming the space shuttle for launch. Technology has come very far and we will describe the best and most efficient way to program it for most applications.

The greatest features of these variable speed pumps are the built-in timer and the ability to program the pump to run at a fraction of the speed of what those old single speed pumps ran at. By doing this you are able to keep the water moving, saving you on chemicals and maintenance, while also saving you on those pesky summer electric bills. But remember at any point you can you can match or even best the high-end speed of those older pumps if the situation demands.

We’ll put these presets for these pumps into three categories; Daytime, Night time, and Cleaning cycle. Homeowners want their pumps to fit the needs of their pool when they need it. During the day is obviously when the pool sees the most action. We want a speed that will accommodate the increased need to collect debris, while not running so fast that were caught in a whirlpool. At night time the pool takes a rest with us and only requires a lower speed to keep water moving and clean at a level sure not to wake the lightest sleepers. This brings us to the cleaning cycle. Before we start the fun in the sun all over again, we want to get this pool crystal clear by running the pump at an increased level to turn the water over quick while were banging out our morning to do lists.

For an idea of what this programming would look like here is a breakdown:

Preset 1: Cleaning Cycle – 4HRS – 3000RPMSta-Rite SuperMax VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

Preset 2: Daytime – 10HRS – 2300 RPM

Preset 3: Nighttime – 10HRS – 1800 RPM

Quick Clean - 3000 - 3500 RPM

The start times for each of these cycles will vary based on your personal schedule, but for me I go 7am-11am, 11am-9pm and 9pm-7am respectively. Once these are set there is no need to go back and reprogram for the summer. This is great news, especially when your squeezing in day trips or even vacations as there is no worry of forgetting to turn the pump on and having your relaxing oasis turn into a murky swamp.

One other thing to mention. If you have upgraded your pool with heaters or chemical systems don’t fret as  these pumps will still work for you. These components require a certain speed to turn on and do what they were designed to do. The only thing we would need to change on the programming is the lowest preset or the Night time preset. Simply bump the speed up to whatever the minimum flow rate required for these components to kick on would be and voila. Usually the 1900RPM – 2300RPM will work but consult the owner’s manual for each add on component to ensure proper flow is met.

So, there you have it, you’re an astronaut, or more accurately a satisfied pool owner. If you have any further questions or would like to purchase one of these top of the industry variable speed pool pumps, check out the link below or call or visit any of our three locations in New Hampshire or Massachusetts. Also consult with your state to see if there is a qualifying rebate you can take advantage of. Thanks for stopping by and happy swimming.

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