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​Variable Speed Pump Guidelines

Published by Brooke Sardella on 01/25/2022

​Variable Speed Pump Guidelines

Variable Speed Pump Guidelines

By now, you are probably familiar with Variable Speed Pumps (VSP), especially since they will be phasing out most single-speed pumps as a more efficient option per the Department of Energy. There is a lot of talk about how these pumps save you money and energy, but let's dive into how to make them work for you.

Take Advantage of Variable Speeds

The main perk of owning a Variable Speed Pump is (you may have guessed it) its variable speeds! To take advantage of this, you should ideally run it 24/7 to reap the energy benefits. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the pump can filter all the water at a slow energy-efficient speed while achieving the same filtration. Your pump only needs to run at higher speeds for short amounts of time and can run slower for the remainder.

Use the Right Sized Pump

Buying a pump that is too big and powerful for your pool is a mistake. Just because a pump boasts about higher horsepower does not mean it will work better for your pool! You need to select a pump compatible with your filter's flow rate. You are looking for a pump that will pump all of the water in about 8 hours, which is typically 40 GPM (gallons per minute) for small pools and 80 GPM for large pools. You should calculate the exact needs of your pool. The pump's horsepower is a lot less important and most pools do not need to be 2HP or 3HP. You can get away with 1.5HP or less, even for larger pools! An oversized pump could overload your filter and will end up costing you more money to run minute-by-minute, which would defeat the purpose of a VSP cost-effectiveness.

Protect Your Pump

It is also important, as with any pump, to protect it from environmental hazards. These include freezing temperatures, direct sun exposure, pests, flooding, etc. Keeping your chlorine storage enclosed and away from your pump is also necessary as the gasses emitted by chlorine have been known to deteriorate machinery. You want your investment to last a long time since well-maintained pumps can last years, so make sure to protect yours from damage.

Browse Variable Speed Pumps

Variable Speed Pumps are undoubtedly the future standard for all pool owners, due to their energy efficiency and lower costs in the long run. Now, you know to avoid common mistakes that would prevent you from reaping these benefits! Make sure to check out our other articles on Variable Speed Pumps here.