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Vinyl Liners: 20 mil, 28 mil, 30 mil: What Mil Do I Buy?

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/09/2023

Vinyl Liners: 20 mil, 28 mil, 30 mil: What Mil Do I Buy?

Purchasing a vinyl liner for your pool can be a confusing process but with a bit of additional knowledge, you can be swimming in no time.

Most reputable pool retailers talk in terms of mil not gauge. When you think of mil, think liner thickness. The higher the mil, the thicker the liner. For example, a 20-mil liner is 0.20 of an inch thick, a 30-mil liner is 0.30 of an inch thick and so on.

Should I pay more for a thicker vinyl liner? The short answer is NO. Pick the pattern you like. If it is 20 mil and you like the pattern, go ahead and purchase it. Do not purchase a 30-mil liner simply because it is thicker. Don’t let the tail wag the dog. Buy the pattern you like and go from there.

Installing a liner really comes down to fit and finish. Fit is based upon accurate measurements prior to ordering while installation is based on adhering to best practices and experience. In preparing your pool bottom, a thicker liner cannot overcome a bad fit or a poor installation

Leading manufacturers actually state that even though they make 40 mil liners, they don’t actually recommend using anything thicker than 20 mil. A thicker liner may not conform to the shape of the pool as well as thinner ones because of their thickness. A good example of this concept would be to ask a weight lifter to bend into a pretzel shape, it doesn’t work well. Always remember fit, finish, and purchase based on the pattern you like.

Pool Tips for Liner Longevity

  • Keep a pool brush away from your liner. If you brush the pool frequently it wears it. If you push hard, you can actually gouge or damage the liner.
  • Make sure your pool water is optimized: pH 7.2-7.6, Alkalinity 100-150, Chlorine 1-3 ppm

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