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Wall Foam for Swimming Pools

Published by Matt Fichera on 07/06/2021

Wall Foam for Swimming Pools

Pool wall foam protects against punctures to your pool liner. It creates a smooth wall surface and helps to prevent rusting, corrosion, and any other pool wall degradation. Typically, wall foam is either one eighth of an inch thick or one fourth of an inch thick and 48” high. Rolls of wall foam come in 60’, 85’, 105’, and 125’ lengths which is based on the total circumference of popular pool sizes.

Since the vinyl pool liner is one of the softest and most vital parts of an above ground pool,  wall foam is important because it adds an extra layer of protection between the liner and metal components of the pool. It can protect against punctures from the wall bolts or any other sharp edges of the wall or pool components. It should definitely be considered before pool installation commences. Without using the foam, the hard surface of the wall could make it easier for something sharp to affect the liner.

Installation is easy. Once the walls have been erected you may begin to apply the wall foam. This is where spray tack comes into play. It’s an extremely versatile adhesive spray that is designed to bond wall foam to itself, concrete, wood and other hard surfaces. It has fast-tacking properties and high bond strength ensuring the job gets done quickly and easily.

When the Foam Bond becomes tacky begin to apply the wall foam as near to the top of the wall as possible. There are two reasons for this; one being that the wall, even at its highest point, will be protected since the bottom will be covered. Second, the straight line of the pool wall will assist in installing the wall foam evenly as it will be easy to keep the spacing consistent.

Continue to work in manageable sections until the entire circumference is covered. If there is excess wall foam left over, cut and discard the remainder. Once completely adhered, continue with the liner installation process.

Overall, with the ease of installation and its inexpensive price,  Wall Foam is a simple way to improve the quality of your above ground pool and provide added peace of mind.

Wall foam can also be used on the pool bottom in lieu of a floor liner pad. At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we install Thermo-Wall in the pool wall and use wall foam for a cushioned and protective layer between the ground and the pool liner.

We sell wall foam on our website in full rolls, various sizes, and either 1 quarter inch thick or 1 eighth inches thick. Visit our product page link to find your corresponding size and to purchase these products as well as many others.

Our team has many years of pool experience and would be happy to help advise and answer any questions that you may have.