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What are Phosphates in Swimming Pool Water?

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 05/17/2017

What are Phosphates in Swimming Pool Water?

Have an Algae Problem?

  • Your Pool is Balanced
  • You Shock Weekly
  • You Use Chlorine
  • You Still have Algae?

Let’s talk about Phosphates.


Phosphates are food for algae. If you have had persistent trouble with algae- and it always seems to come back, you may have a phosphate problem in your pool. When excess phosphates are present in a swimming pool, the symptoms often include the following: Cloudy, Green Water and or Persistent Algae Blooms despite the use of chlorine and the presence of algaecides.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc we like to see your phosphate level under 500 parts per billion.

We would certainly recommend the use of Starver X for a pool with greater than 1000 parts per billion phosphate, especially if the customer expresses similar problems noted in the prior paragraph.

If you consistently maintain your swimming pool water but still occasionally have an algae problem ask our staff about Phosphates during your next free water test!

We recommend this product Starver X to treat pools with high phosphate levels. This natural proprietary blend of rare earth compounds and complex polymers is being called the most revolutionary specialty pool chemical ever!

Starver X

Starver X