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What are Swimming Pool Backwash Hoses?

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/13/2020

What are Swimming Pool Backwash Hoses?

Backwash Hoses

Backwash Hoses

We’ve all been there. We’ve cleaned the pool, hooked up the backwash hose, and ran it all of the way out into the woods. The next thing you know there’s a sprinkler going in the backyard! Chlorine, sunlight, maybe you even ran over the hose with the lawn mower. All of these things can degrade a hose and end up watering your whole property!

Backwash / Discharge Hose What Do They Do?

  • Generally attached to the multi-port valve on a swimming pool filter.
  • It carries waste water away from the swimming pool, when either backwashing or draining it.

  • Type of Backwash Hoses Available

    • Available in economical vinyl (most common, 1 season duration on average) (That’s a Good Season!)
    • Available in heavy duty rubber (fire hose style, much longer life and are very durable)
    • Collapsible for easy storage and longer lengths than traditional hose

    When it comes to variation in products such as these, you most definitely “get what you pay for” meaning, if you invest a little more in a higher quality hose, than it will most likely last several pool seasons.

    At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we sell several different backwash hoses that vary in brand, length, and price point. Please visit our product page located at: to find what works best for you. If there are any questions, please contact us or stop into one of our retail stores.