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What are Swimming Pool Phosphates? How Can They Be Treated?

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/12/2020

What are Swimming Pool Phosphates? How Can They Be Treated?

Starver X Phosphate Remover

Starver X Phosphate Remover

The problem is that I constantly have green algae in my pool:

Your pool is balanced ✔

You shock weekly ✔

You maintain your chlorine✔

Yet you still have an algae problem? ✔

You have to ask yourself the question, “Could it be Phosphates?”.

What are Phosphates?

They are found in fertilizers, rotting leaves, skin and hair products, other pool chemicals, and even your water supply. Phosphates are food for algae. Excess phosphates (More than 500ppb) in pools can produce the following:

Cloudy water

Green water

Persistent algae blooms despite chlorine and algaecide use.

You can test for phosphates using test strips or by bring a water sample to your local pool store.

How do you treat phosphates using Starver X?

When levels exceed 500 parts per billion treatment is advised. Add small doses of  Starver X into skimmer every three days until levels are reduced to below 500 parts per billion.

1 oz. of Starver X will lower phosphates to 250 ppb for 10,000 gallons of water.

Let’s use an example:

A customer has 10,000 gallons of water and a phosphate level of 2,000. According to the formula we would need 6 oz. of Starver X to treat the pool water.

Starver X is a highly concentrated formula for phosphate removal. Check your labels as not all phosphate removers are the same. Click below to purchase or  contact us today with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to help.