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What Are The Different Types of Above Ground Pool Liners?

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/14/2020

What Are The Different Types of Above Ground Pool Liners?

Above Ground Pool Liners

We’ve been known to get many questions on above ground swimming pool replacement liners and what the differences are between types.

If you’re in the market for a new liner and shopping either in the store or online, it’s definitely important to know the differences, making sure that you select the correct type for your above ground swimming pool.

swimming pool liner on an above ground pool is an important and necessary component of the pool. The liner makes it so the pool is able to retain water as it creates a protective barrier and the pool doesn’t leak. These liners are manufactured out of vinyl and on top of holding the water in, they also work to maintain the structural integrity of the pool overall.

Vinyl liners come in three main types: Overlap, Beaded, and Unibead. The differences between the three of these is how they attach to the wall of the swimming pool.

Overlap Swimming Pool Liners: These liners are easy to install and very economical. They attach to coping strips that hold the liner to the wall of the pool. Think of a coping strip like a plastic paper clip that’s wide and runs along the tops of your above ground pool walls. The strip of coping helps ensure that the liner is firmly held in place as it “overlaps” the inside side of the pool wall. Unevenness may occur during install so usually the patterns designs on these types of liners are limited to solid colors or a pattern that more uniform. Many colors are available allowing you to personalize the look of the pool liner.

Beaded Pool Liners: These liners are the easiest to replace and are available in a wide variety of designs. Installing a beaded pool liner involves using something called a “bead receiver” which hangs over the top of an above ground pool wall. The liner simply snaps into the receiver providing a look that is very even and consistent. Because of the nature of their consistent and even installation, beaded liners include more complex design patterns, tile trims, and wall borders.

Unibead Pool Liners: are versatile and feature a two in one function that allows you to replace a liner that was Overlap with a liner that’s Unibead. These liners have the option to be used with a bead receiver or something called a J-Hook. These hooks allow you to attach the line onto the rim of the pool wall even if you don’t have a bead receiver. If you do in fact have a bead receiver, carefully remove the J-Hook portion of the Unibead system and install like a beaded liner by snapping it into place. Both of these setups provide a clean and professional look with no extra materials hanging over the edge. The Unibead provides all the benefits of protective liner and the freedom to use patterns found only on beaded liners.

Vinyl liners come is a variety of sizes and designs that fit any size above ground swimming pool. From round, to oval, to rectangular, there’s a perfect liner for any size and style. We would be happy to help you find your size, type, style, and answer any questions that you may have.  Contact Us Here.

Above Ground Pool Liners