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What is an Above Ground Pool Cover Siphon?

Published by Matt Fichera on 09/22/2020

What is an Above Ground Pool Cover Siphon?

A siphon is an electrical free drain that lets you remove water off the top of your above ground pool cover. Typically, it’s operated by some kind of squeeze pump that primes the pumping mechanism to let the water begin to flow. It will also automatically shut itself off when it runs out of water and the cover is completely drained.

Why is it Important to Remove Water from Your Pool Cover?

If you cover your above ground swimming pool then sooner or later you are going to be tasked with removing the standing water from the top of it. Whether this is after a storm, when there is a snow melt, or you are preparing to open the pool for the season, it can be a pain to deal with.

A single gallon of water weighs 8.3 pounds so even a few inches of water spread evenly across the pool cover can add up to several gallons and many pounds. Combine this with the weight of the cover and you’ll need to drain it off before removing or doing any maintenance on it. This is the optimal way as you will keep from pouring any of the standing water or debris into the clean water below.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, we recommend removing the water, ice, and snow periodically through the winter months. This is especially important in areas known for getting lots of winter weather like New England. Finding a procedure that works well for you and that you can repeat will keep you from investing long hours in doing this. Keep the cover clean and stress on the structure of your above ground pool will never be an issue.

Why Use an Above Ground Pool Cover Siphon?

Removing water and/or snow and ice from your pool cover during the winter month is an essential part of caring for your above ground pool. Leaving this extra weight on the cover puts an extra strain on it as well as the entire structure of the pool which over time isn’t good. As the winter weather accumulates, make sure you properly deal with both water and snow so that you’ll have swimming and splashing fun for many years to come

What Comes with a Pool Cover Siphon?

It’s typical for the pool cover siphon to include a cover drain, a pump, a siphon, a hose, and instructions highlighting the siphoning process. Because there’s no electrical power needed, there’s no electrical cord to worry about and the hose is usually long enough to drain the water away from the structure of the pool. Because no power is needed, you really can use it anywhere.

How Do I Use a Pool Cover Siphon?

Using a pool cover siphon is simple. Connect the pieces together and place the drain on the cover where there’s the most standing water. It’s usually weighted with sand or something that will help keep it under the surface of the water. Squeeze the siphon bulb or pump until the water starts to flow through the tube. Once the water is drained off the cover the siphon will stop. No electricity is needed. To prevent the siphon from clogging it may also be a good idea to remove debris from the water on the cover prior to starting the siphon. To accomplish this, you can use the net attachment for your vacuum pole. Attach the net and you can use to pick larger debris out and also use as a rake to pull materials as is needed. Once this is completed the chances of your siphon becoming clogged are greatly reduced.

Why Should I Invest in a Pool Cover Siphon?

Let’s face it. Pumps can be expensive and using buckets seems tedious and silly. Siphoning is a very effective draining method with results happening in a short amount of time. If a large amount of rain water or snow melt is left on the cover for an extended amount of time, that heaviness can actually pull the cover down into the pool water. If this happens near an edge especially, this could be a recipe for a messy problem to deal with. If you live in an area where you don’t have to contend with mid-winter accumulation of water you may still have to clean off dirt and debris. Regardless, this can be both time consuming and dirty. This is where a pool siphon comes in as it makes the task both simple and effortless. The pressure inside the hose combining with the power of gravity come in real handy in this situation.

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