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What is Fiber Clear?

Published by Matt Fichera on 11/22/2019

What is Fiber Clear?

Fiber Clear is a natural alternative to Diatomaceous Earth helping to maintain a cleaner, clearer, and more vibrant pool or spa appearance while remaining affordable and easy to use. It has filtration capabilities that eliminate particles all of the way down to 2 microns and the brand says that if you use their product, “your pool water will dance and sparkle like a diamond!”

This filter media is cost effective in several different areas. You use far less Fiber Clear when compared to using D.E. (one sixth of the amount to be exact). Using this product requires less maintenance, less backwashing, less cleaning of the filter, and far less labor over time. You also see a reduction in the water used during the backwashing process as the amount decreases by 40% over using D.E. With clearer, rejuvenated water comes less dependence on clarifiers, saving you both time and money.

Pure Wood Pulp is the main component of  Fiber Clear and it has an FDA designation of safe. It’s being used in hundreds of thousands of pools in the world, helping to ensure that your pool filtration is much safer for you, your family, friends, customers if applicable, as well as for the planet overall.

Fiber Clear’s media works in all types of swimming pools and spa filters as well as vacuum and pressure grids, cartridges and sand, as well as both residential and commercial setups. It handles problems like algae spore elimination, total suspended solids, insoluble calcium hardness, suspended metals, and oil loading while other filtration systems and media may not be able to tackle without the aid of additional chemicals. Unlike D.E., Fiber Clear is non-abrasive and is easier on pump components, the filter, and all other pool and spa equipment. As a result, all of your hardware will last longer and perform more efficiently.

Fiber Clear can be used with a sand filter. Simply pour 9 ounces through the skimmer. It will then sit on top of the sand and work to filter out the smaller particles. Your sand filter will temporarily act as a D.E. filter until you backwash and the Fiber Clear product will be washed away.

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we sell Fiber Clear in a  9 oz. bag as well as a 3 lb. bag. It’s biodegradable, it’s non-toxic, and it’s a great alternative to D.E. Please contact us with any questions on Fiber Clear or filter media in general. We would be more than happy to help out.