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What is Keetrol Plus?

Published by Matt Fichera on 03/13/2020

What is Keetrol Plus?

Keetrol Plus Stain and Scale Preventer

Keetrol Plus Stain and Scale Preventer

I shocked my pool and it turned green! This can be quite puzzling to some people as you start to go over the situation.

Your pool is balanced ✔

There is no algae present ✔

You filled off of a well ✔

Your pool water has changed to green or brown ✔

Could it be Minerals?

Minerals in the Water

Minerals are generally present in well water and depending on your town maybe even in your water supply. Minerals are not harmful but react with chlorine changing the pool color. Depending on the minerals present the water can change to green brown or any variety of colors almost immediately after adding shock to the pool.

Adding Keetrol Plus

By adding Keetrol Plus you are able to reverse the process and put the minerals back into solution thus removing the discoloration. Keetrol Plus prevents metallic stains, rust and scaling. Eliminates brown or green water. Keetrol Plus is a special product of Polymer Chemistry that was developed to cope with extreme problems due to minerals such as calcium, manganese, iron & copper. Its main advantage as a product is when used according to directions, it will help correct all mineral problems such as scaling, staining and water discoloration. Dosage would be 32oz. per 25000 gallons of pool water.

Keetrol Plus is a great product that is manufactured by the N. Jonas brand. It’s for sale both on our website as well all 3 of our retail stores. Any questions on the application of this product send us a message or stop in. We’d be happy to help.

Keetrol Plus Stain and Scale Preventer

Keetrol Plus Stain and Scale Preventer