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Why Are There Bubbles In My Hot Tub?

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/01/2019

Why Are There Bubbles In My Hot Tub?

Hot tub more like a Bubble Bath?

Your hot tub is supposed to feel warm and leave you relaxed either by yourself, with family, or friends. From small gatherings to large parties, a hot tub is sure to be a hit. Sometimes however, problems can arise that have to do with the water being used.

Maybe you lift your pool cover off and all you see is bubbles and not the traditionally inviting kind. Initially you just try and scoop out the bubbles and allow some time for the water to dissipate but then you look again at a later time and they just keep coming back. This situation may be puzzling and leads one to question, “How the heck is this happening?”

Bubbles are annoying, but luckily, we have some suggestions that may help diagnose and solve the problem. Before you invest in chemicals that may or may not solve the problem take a look at these suggestions to help keep your water clear, fresh, and inviting.

-Laundry Detergent

The detergent that you are using on your bathing suits and swim trunks could in fact be impacting the spa water’s chemistry. Using more than recommended can leave some of the soap residue on and in your clothes. If you combine detergent with agitated water that is being pushed through the jets you could possibly create a foaming spa. A remedy to this would be to try and use less detergent on your clothes at the next wash at to monitor if this has noticeable changes on the hot tub water.

- Beauty / Body Products

Products of everyday use such as body washes, makeup, conditioners, shampoos, creams, etc. may cause adverse reactions to the water in your hot tub. If you use a large amount of these products than your chances of something having causing a problem also increases. To stay clear of sudsy situations, you should try to rinse your body off prior to using the hot tub with the idea that you’ll reduce introducing these products into the water. Also, another point to make here would be to make sure that you stay on top of cleaning and replacing the filters to stay proactive against any build ups.


Everybody wants to have a drink in the hot tub. This practice is so standard that many companies have built cup holders directly into the sides of their products. Beer, wine, liquor, soda, flavored waters, the list goes on and on but what should not go on is spilling these drinks into the hot tub water. While indulging in your favorite beverage you should make sure that you utilize the cup holders, think about putting the liquid in a cup with a top and always keep track of the drink so that it doesn’t ended up falling in.

-Inexpensive Chemicals

Not all hot tub chemicals are created equally. It is probably human nature to seek out the least expensive chemicals that promise to get the job done when the truth is, they simply don’t cut it. Yes, saving money is a great thing that everybody loves but it only goes so far if the chemicals are rendering your hot tub unusable. Use of ineffective chemicals causes a buildup of body oil, dead skin, and other unpleasant things that the chemicals are supposed to fight against. We are here to tell you that unfortunately spa chemicals are not something that you will want to go light or inexpensive on. Cheap chemicals could lead to costly damage, or needing to invest in more products to be used to clean your spa. Use the correct chemicals to start will ensure fewer chemicals used at a later time. The hot tub’s water system will also thank you by being able to handle bather demand and going easier on people’s skin. All of this helps make the hot tub experience that much better.

-Ineffective Pool Water Maintenance

When you don’t keep water testing up and do not shoot for optimal water at all times there could be issues that arise. The first thing that we would check from a water quality standpoint would be calcium hardness. A low reading is terrible for the efficiency and durability of your motors and your equipment which can also lead to hot tub bubbles. Whether your levels are low or high, the management of your pH level is extremely important. Imbalanced levels are another way that a lack of water care can lead to a foamy tub. It is always very important to test your hot tub water regularly with test strips and make the necessary chemical changes.

We are very happy to answer any questions and be a consultant for hot tub water problems.  Contact us or swing by one of our retail stores. If you think that it is a water chemistry issue, we’d also welcome you bring a sample for our lab to analyze and formulate a plan of water treatment.

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