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Winter Duck Plugs

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/15/2019

Winter Duck Plugs

Winter Duck Plug

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What is a Duck Plug?

The fantastic Duck Plug is a great helper during the winterizing process that your swimming pool undergoes and is ideal for pool owners who have a vacuum port far below the waterline. The “plug” is actually a valve that acts like a duck’s bill, allowing a large flow of both water and air to be forcefully pushed out of the return line plumbing but does not allow the waterflow back into the air lines.

Using a duck plug aides in making pool closing a one person job, eliminates the need to burp lines, and erases any requirement of draining the pool water below the returns. This product comes with a double seal system that boasts an incredible water tight seal, working in conjunction with a safety cap for ice protection.

The plug is crafted from heavy-duty rubber, making it resistant to anti-freeze and other frequently used chemicals. Also available on the market is a Duck Plug Wrench which makes both removal and installation of all of your plugs very fast and easy. It’s got a rubber grip, precise fitted opening, and an angled design for easy gripping.

With the duck plug, you can blow out main drains and multiple main drain lines in a matter of seconds. You can also use with a winterizing skimmer door and save a bunch more water, it’s a really handy tool to have.

Winter Duck Plug

Using the Duck Plug is very easy:

You’ll want to install the plug into all of your lines and the double seal technology provides a water tight seal inside the fitting or at the face plate. At this time, you can use a blower to clear all of the lines. The plug provides enough back pressure to allow all of the lines to be cleared without them “burping”. Water will not enter the pipes from the pool. Turn off the blower several minutes after the lines have been bubbling. If you are electing to add antifreeze, then go ahead and add at this point. Turn on the blower again and off when you see a bit of the antifreeze enter the pool. You can also add the yellow caps for safety and added protection against any movement of ice.

The Winter Duck Plug by Anderson Manufacturing Co. Inc. fits 1-1/2” Threads (most pools), is White/Yellow and measures 1.50”. With the Duck Plug you save: time, water, and covers all while staying nice and dry. The Winter Duck Plug is most definitely a unique product.