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Hayward HeatPro 50,000 BTU Heat Pump, W3HP50HA2

Hayward HeatPro 50,000 BTU Heat Pump, W3HP50HA2

Mfg #: W3HP50HA2


UPC: 0610377415040

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Hayward HeatPro Above Ground Heat Pump 50K BTU, Horizontal Fan, W3HP50HA2

With lower energy requirements than natural gas and propane heaters, the HeatPro heat/cool heat pump platform is an economical temperature control solution optimized for smaller pools. It provides ideal water temperatures, even under harsh conditions.


  • Advanced heat pump technology uses less energy than natural gas and propane heaters
  • Platform is optimized for smaller pools
  • Provides ideal water temperatures, even in harsh weather conditions
  • Digital control panel displays temperature and allows for simple control of settings
  • Efficient rotary compressor and low-noise fan guarantee extremely quiet operation
  • Durable titanium heat exchanger provides exceptional corrosion protection
  • AHRI certified and independently lab-tested to ensure the highest quality performance and value


  • BTU Heating Performance: 50,000
  • Fan Direction: Horizontal
  • Water Connection: 1-1/2" Plumbing
  • Unit Dimensions: 18.8" Depth x 44.9" Width x 32.6" Height


Additional Information

The Hayward HeatPro 50,000 BTU Heat Pump, W3HP50HA2 is a high-efficiency pool heater that can efficiently heat a swimming pool or spa. Here are some of the features and specifications of this heat pump:

  • Heating Capacity: The HeatPro 50,000 BTU can heat a pool or spa up to 15,000 gallons.
  • Energy Efficiency: This heat pump has a high coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 5.7, which means it can provide up to 5.7 units of heat for every unit of electricity it uses. This makes it a cost-effective heating solution for your pool or spa.
  • Quiet Operation: The HeatPro 50,000 BTU has an acoustic compressor cover and a profiled fan blade design, which reduces noise levels and makes it a quiet heating option.
  • Durable and Weather-resistant: The HeatPro 50,000 BTU is built with a corrosion-resistant Evaporator Fin, Titanium Heat Exchanger, and a durable injection-molded UV-resistant body. This ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a long time.
  • User-friendly Interface: The heat pump has a digital display and a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily set and adjust the temperature of your pool or spa.
  • Eco-Friendly: The HeatPro 50,000 BTU uses environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant and does not emit harmful greenhouse gases.

Overall, the Hayward HeatPro 50,000 BTU Heat Pump, W3HP50HA2 is a reliable and efficient pool heating option that can provide you with warm and comfortable swimming experiences.