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Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover 1 Gallon, CV-700A-GAL

Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover 1 Gallon, CV-700A-GAL

Mfg #: CV-700A-GAL


UPC: 898880001084

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Orenda CV-700A-GAL CV700 Catalytic Enzyme Water Cleaner & Phosphate Control - 1 Gallon Bottle 

Product Features

  • Enzyme clarifier and phosphate remover for pools
  • Eliminates organic waste
  • Removes phosphates
  • Helps maintain clean and clear water
  • Stabilized liquid pre-formed enzymes
  • NSF / ANSI standard 50 and NSF / ANSI 60 Certified
  • Made in the USA

Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover is a pool chemical product designed to break down organic material and reduce the level of phosphates in swimming pool water. Organic materials such as leaves, grass, and other debris can contribute to the growth of algae and other harmful bacteria in pool water.

Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover contains natural enzymes that work to break down organic matter in the water, making it easier for the pool filter to remove it. Additionally, the product contains a phosphate remover that helps to reduce the level of phosphates in the water, which can also contribute to algae growth.

To use Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover, the pool owner should first test the phosphate levels in the pool water using a phosphate test kit. If the phosphate level is above the recommended range, the recommended amount of the product should be added directly to the pool water. The product can be added weekly to maintain low levels of phosphates and reduce organic build-up in the pool.

Orenda Enzyme Cleaner and Phosphate Remover is safe to use with all types of pool surfaces and sanitizing systems. The product is also eco-friendly and biodegradable, making it a great option for pool owners looking for environmentally friendly pool chemicals.

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Sam on 05/05/2023


    Orenda CV-700

    The secret to tier 1 pool care. After you take care of pH and alkalinity, CV-700 takes care of the non living organic waste/junk(lotions, sunscreens, body oils, plant resins etc). Just a few ounces (5 to 10) a week cuts chlorine demand in half. CV-700 includes phosphate remover so you can save on that front too. You end up with sparkling water and easier pool care. At pool opening you may need anywhere from 32 to 80 ounces to start, check the Orenda app to find the initial dose for the pool size. I've been using CV-700 for 3 seasons now, it is as essential as chlorine and acid now for me. CV-700 means most pool shocking goes away.