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Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge, D-H1005-30

Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge, D-H1005-30

Mfg #: D-H1005-30

SKU: H1005-30D

UPC: 859191007196

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Ouster Hot Tub Cleaner and Bacteria Purge, D-H1005-30

Dangerous communities of bio matter such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, protozoa, algae, and other organisms thrive in the pipes and surfaces of your hot tub.

Most spa owners falsely assume that their sanitizer will kill all bacteria in their hot tubs. In reality these spa sanitizers, usually chlorine or bromine-based attack planktonic bacteria, which is present in suspended water.

Once the bacteria develop into more complex bio colonies inside the plumbing system, filter and jets this cleaning process becomes more challenging. These colonies of bacteria stick to any surface as long as moisture and nutrients are present. These bio-matter colonies create an "outer shell" to protect itself and make it impervious to common spa sanitizers.

Effects of this bio matter range from foul odor, stained surfaces, and reduced water flow to bodily infections or diseases. Ouster® can aid in the removal of the Biofilm by penetrating the matrix allowing for planktonic cells to be oxidized by the sanitizer.

The Ouster Hot Tub Kit Includes:

  • One (1) Hot Tub Restoration Cleanse 30mL Treatment.
  • One (1) Ouster Premium Microfiber Towel. Made from ultra-soft, premium material, non-abrasive for superior spa finishes.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on how to use the Ouster Hot Tub Kit.

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