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Paramount 2-Port 5 Gear Module with Valve Shell O-Ring, 004302440200

Paramount 2-Port 5 Gear Module with Valve Shell O-Ring, 004302440200

Mfg #: 004302440200

SKU: 004302440200

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Paramount 004-302-4402-00 2-Port 5 Gear Module with Valve Shell O-Ring For PCC 2000; Pool Valet

Replacement 2 Port 4 Gear Module for Paramount Pool Products 2 Port Valve (Used for Circulation for Small Bodies of Water Basin and Spa applications. Module comes with a Base O-ring. If you only have one Paramount water valve and your module has TUBING (older style have tubing) on it with 5 gears (the last gear in the row is positioned slightly out of the row) then this is the correct module.

Why does the new module look different than my old one and will it fit in my old water valve housing? Paramount is continuing to update its products and the module has under gone some changes that make it look very different from your old one. You will notice that the brass stem has been removed and that there are now fins on the pistons of the new modules. The increasing use of salt systems to treat pool water is the reason for this change. Salt can attack the brass in the old modules and greatly reduce the life of the module. The new design with all plastic piston shafts, solve this problem. The fins help stabilize the piston when open. This design will not hinder the new modules from fitting into any old style 1 ½ inch valve base or the current style 2 inch bases. A change has also been made to the gear train and an extra gear has been added. This gear is non functional on most modules. On a special two port module used to feed two other water valves (a two port 5 gear), the gear is placed on a different pin and allows the module to rotate at a much slower speed.

If your pool has multiple paramount water valves called a 12 port system, then you would need the 2 Port 5 Gear Module.

Replaces 2 Port 4 Gear Module for PCC 2000, Pool Valet, PV3, Cyclean, Vanquish, and Vantage In-Floor Cleaning Systems.

Product Features

  • 5 gear control