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Pentair Closure Lid Kit V Thread, 154697

Pentair Closure Lid Kit V Thread, 154697

Mfg #: 154697

SKU: PAC-051-2850

UPC: 788379669409

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Pentair 154697 Tan V Thread Closure Kit For Triton II Sand Filter Model TR100 and TR140; 6 Inch

Used On

  • Pentair PacFab Triton II Sand Filters

The Pentair Closure Lid Kit (Part Number 154697) is a replacement kit designed for use with Pentair pool filters. Manufactured by Pentair, a trusted brand in the pool and spa industry, this closure lid kit provides a secure and reliable sealing solution for your filter system.

The closure lid is an essential component that covers the top of the filter tank, providing access for maintenance and filter media replacement. It ensures a tight seal to prevent water leaks and maintain efficient filtration performance.

The Pentair Closure Lid Kit (Part Number 154697) is specifically designed with V thread configuration, ensuring compatibility with Pentair filter models that feature this type of closure system. It includes all the necessary components for a complete lid replacement, such as the lid itself, o-ring, and necessary hardware.

Constructed with durable materials, the closure lid kit is built to withstand the demanding conditions of pool and spa environments. It is resistant to water, pool chemicals, and UV exposure, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Installation of the closure lid kit is straightforward. Simply remove the old lid and replace it with the new Pentair Closure Lid (Part Number 154697) using the provided o-ring and hardware. Following the manufacturer's instructions will ensure a proper and secure fit, allowing for optimal filter operation.

Regular inspection and maintenance of the closure lid and its components are recommended to ensure a tight seal and efficient filtration. Cleaning the lid and replacing the o-ring as needed will help maintain the performance and longevity of your pool filter system.

Key Features:

  • Replacement closure lid kit for Pentair pool filters
  • Designed with V thread configuration
  • Ensures a secure and reliable seal
  • Durable construction resistant to water, chemicals, and UV exposure
  • Easy installation as a replacement part