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PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator, CLG928A

PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator, CLG928A

Mfg #: CLG928A


UPC: 856195005920

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PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator, CLG928A

The PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator uses salt to sanitize your pool water using your existing pool pump and filter. Designed for use on pools up to 28,000 gallons, the salt cell connects to the outside of your pool’s return fitting using fittings provided in the box. No special tools are required and the entire system installs in minutes. The power supply plugs in to a 110V GFCI outlet and features LED indicator lights for an instant snapshot of the system status.

Revolutionize your pool maintenance with the PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator, CLG928A. This cutting-edge device is designed to provide you with a hassle-free and efficient way to keep your pool clean and sparkling, without the need for traditional chlorine treatments.

Effortless Pool Maintenance: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually adding chlorine to your pool. With the PoolTux CLG928A, you can effortlessly maintain the perfect chlorine level in your 28K gallon pool. The generator uses salt to produce chlorine, eliminating the need for constant monitoring and chemical adjustments.

Advanced Salt Chlorine Generation Technology: Powered by advanced electrolysis technology, the PoolTux CLG928A converts salt into pure and natural chlorine, ensuring clean and sanitized pool water. The generator works seamlessly with your existing pool system, making it a perfect upgrade for any pool owner.



4 Reviews

  • Posted by M on 04/10/2021


    Best in Price

    My old one went out and this was the cheapest place to buy one. I bought a bigger one than my pool needed hopefully it last longer.

  • Posted by yorkied on 11/23/2020


    Salt Cell

    replacement salt cell - easy to install and start up.

  • Posted by R. Becerra on 06/14/2020


    Pool cell chlorinator

    Works great and easy to install; same brand is more expensive elsewhere.

  • Posted by Garth on 04/28/2020


    so much better than Chlorine

    I grew up taking care of an above ground pool with a DE filter, and using chlorine tabs and various other chemicals in Vermont. Taking care of a pool in Florida is much different and also, year round. This system makes taking care of a pool a breeze. There is rarely anything I have to do with the pool other than swim in it.