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ProTeam Supreme 10 Lb Bucket Water Enhancer & Softener, C002873-CS74C1

ProTeam Supreme 10 Lb Bucket Water Enhancer & Softener, C002873-CS74C1

Mfg #: C002873-CS74C1

SKU: C002873-CS74C1

UPC: 726375892346

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ProTeam(R) C002873-CS74C1 Supreme Enhancer; 10 lb Pail 

ProTeam Supreme is an enhancer that reduces eye and skin irritation, controls algae, and improves filtration. This product helps maintain stable pH and buffers total alkalinity. Sanitizers work most efficiently when pH is kept in proper range. Therefore a properly balanced pool will require less sanitizer and less maintenance. Supreme is compatible with all forms of sanitization.


  • Easy to apply powdered formula
  • Reduces eye and skin irritation in pool water
  • Reduces the amount of time between cleaning cycles. Regardless if you are using DE, Sand, or Cartridge filter systems
  • EPA registered
  • Specialized water buffers to help with water balance
  • Blended with corrosion inhibitors to help extend the life of equipment and pool components
  • Added water clarifiers to give water a second to none look
  • Unique formula that will not be affected by sunlight or evaporation. Typically once a season application
  • Compatibility with all surface types
  • Compatibility with all forms of sanitizers, including mineral sanitizers and salt (chlorine) generators
  • Improves sanitizer efficiency 35-50%. In other words, pools using ProTeam Supreme will save on chlorine!