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SunHeater Complete Inground Solar Heating System Kit, S601P

SunHeater Complete Inground Solar Heating System Kit, S601P

Mfg #: S601P

SKU: S601P

UPC: 628208190165

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Smartpool S601P SunHeater Solar Heating System

For In-Ground Pools

4 ft x 20 ft

A solar heating system can help you spend more time in the water while reducing your environmental impact. Plus, a solar heating system can add up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more to your pool’s water.

The Sunheater® Solar Pool Heating System is available in models for both inground and aboveground pools. It offers flexible installation options — put it on the roof, on the fence, angled on the ground or wherever else it fits within your yard. We create a wide range of kits specially built for different pool sizes and shapes.

Affordable: Annual costs to heat your pool in late Spring and early Fall can quickly stack up when using gas or electric heating systems. The only cost involved in using an above-ground or inground solar heater is the cost of running your pool pump, which you would regardless. The high-quality, polypropylene material will last for years, paying for itself in a matter of months.
Environmentally friendly: Solar energy is both free and eco-friendly, making it an ideal solution for heating a large body of water for several months at a time. You will reduce your carbon footprint while decreasing energy costs.
Get more from your pool: Add several extra weeks of play and swimming with your Sunheater solar pool heating system!