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Zodiac Pump Backplate Kit, SHP, PHP, SWF, JEP, R0445200

Zodiac Pump Backplate Kit, SHP, PHP, SWF, JEP, R0445200

Mfg #: R0445200

SKU: TLD-101-2030

UPC: 52337021760

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Zodiac R0445200 Backplate Kit

Used On

  • Jandy VS PlusHP Series Pumps
  • Jandy ePump™ + SVRS Variable-Speed Pumps JEP2.0SVRS
  • Jandy ePump™ JEP Variable Speed Pumps
  • Jandy Stealth™ SHPF SHPM Series Pumps; .5 - 3 HP
  • Jandy PlusHP Series Pumps PHPF and PHPM
  • Jandy WaterFeature Series WFTR Pumps
  • Jandy WaterFall SWF Series Pumps
  • Jandy® MaxHP MHPM Series Pumps
  • Jandy .5HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF.50
  • Jandy .75HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF.75
  • Jandy 1HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF1.0
  • Jandy 1.5HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF1.5
  • Jandy 2 HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF2.0
  • Jandy 3HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF3.0
  • Jandy 5HP Stealth Series Pump Parts, SHPF5.0
  • Jandy Stealth High Pressure Up-Rated 2-Speed Pump
  • Jandy PlusHP Full Rate Pump
  • Jandy PlusHP Full Rate 2-Speed Pool Pump
  • Jandy MaxHP Uprated Pump Parts
  • Jandy Water Medium Head Up-Rated Pool Pump Parts
  • Jandy Pro Series ePump + SVRS Parts
  • Jandy MaxHP Series Pump Parts, MHPM
  • Jandy WaterFall Series Pump Parts
  • Jandy WaterFeature Series Pump Parts
  • JEP ePump Variable Speed Pump Parts
  • Jandy ePump Variable Speed Pump W/O Controller