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Thinking about changing your in ground pool liner? What should you know?

In Ground Liner Changes for your In-ground pool are professinally measured and installed by a top pool technician from E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc

In Ground Pool Liner Changes

Only 2 words: Fit & Finish

Fit- All in ground swimming pool liners are custom made to "fit" your pool.  In ground liners are seamed at the factory based upon the measurements provided by the installer.  How well the liner "fits" depends on how well it was measured.  The computer acronym "Garbage in garbage out" applies here.

The person measuring the liner is key. At E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc we have been measuring liners since 1989 and have over 25 years experience ensuring that you get the right "fit".

Finish- Most in ground swimming pool bottoms need work after all the typical liner has lasted on average about 15 years.  The pool bottom should be patched with either cement or vermiculite. The pool bottom should be cleaned and any imperfections taken care of. It should be smooth to the touch thereby ensuring a longer lasting replacement liner.  Attention to detail matters when changing an in ground liner. With over 30 years of experience we have finished over 1500 in ground pool bottoms.

For more information about D&P Swimming Pool,
view http://dppoolsonline.com/liner-changes/

E-Z Test Pool Supplies, Inc provides customers with a great selection swimming pool liners.

We offer only the finest quality products from reputable brands that manufacture here in the USA.

There are plenty of samples and literature on display in our stores where a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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