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Aqua Finesse Hot Tub All Purpose 3-5 Month Spa Kit, 12002685

Aqua Finesse Hot Tub All Purpose 3-5 Month Spa Kit, 12002685

Mfg #: 12002685

SKU: 12002685

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Aqua Finesse 12002685 Hot Tub Water Care System - All Purpose 3-5 Month


  • Simple maintenance solution
  • Eliminates the time consuming maintenance process
  • Loosens biofilm to keep your water clean and clear
  • Can reduce chlorine usage buy up to 60%
  • Softens water for a more comfortable bather experience

Aqua Finesse Hot Tub Water Care Box Trichlor

Aqua Finesse Hot Tub Water Care products are the best water care products available. They contain everything you need for the water treatment of your hot tub. No more time-consuming measurements and no collection of chemical products to maintain your hot tub water. With Aqua Finesse, you can spend less than five minutes on the water maintenance of your spa. In addition, you make an environmentally conscious choice.

What makes Aqua Finesse unique?

Everyone has probably had the experience that the walls of your hot tub felt slippery. As if there is a layer of slime on the walls. This is called a biofilm. It is where many bacteria nest. Traditional products such as chlorine, for example, hardly get through this layer (biofilm), which means that a very large amount is required to reach the bacteria. As a result, a very high dose of disinfection ends up in the water. This causes negative side effects for your skin, eyes and breathing. And nobody wants that. Unlike other products, the unique patented Aqua Finesse formula is able to soak this biofilm layer away from the walls and break it open, preventing the bacteria from hiding. Now all you need is a little disinfection.

With just one dose per week, Aqua Finesse ensures clean, silky soft and crystal-clear water. In addition, the Aqua Finesse formula ensures that your hot tub components last longer because it avoids the accumulation of limescale in your hot tub / spa!