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Chlorine Shortage: Which Swimming Pool Salt System Should I Use?

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/04/2021

Chlorine Shortage: Which Swimming Pool Salt System Should I Use?

PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator CLG928A

Chlorine as a disinfectant, along with its very familiar smell, have become synonymous with swimming pools for generations. Recent events in the world including a pandemic, a factory fire, and never before seen demand, have dramatically impacted our country’s supply of this well-known and very poplar chemical. Salt systems as an alternative to chlorine have been on the rise in recent years and will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

The pandemic has forced many families to stay at home and piqued an interest in home activities. Whether it’s brand-new pools or rediscovering older ones, more pool hours means more chemicals and an increased need for keeping them clean and safe. Combine this unprecedented demand with an August 2020 hurricane and fire at a pool chemical plant that destroyed 40% of the entire country’s supply of chlorine and you get a recipe for a real chlorine shortage. While the supply and demand situation for chlorine gets itself sorted out, it’s here where salt systems will make their big mainstream entrance into the pool industry as reliable and economical alternatives to chlorine use.

Chlorine comes in a few different forms but let’s face it, it’s bulky, sometimes hard to carry, and purchasing it regularly from the store can be a giant pain in the neck anyways. Salt chlorine generators eliminates all of this. The introduction of an electrical current to salt produces chlorine to disinfect your pool water and all you have to do is replace the salt cell every 5 to 9 years depending on pool use and not forgetting to keep your water balanced.

Choosing a salt system for your pool also has some additional benefits. There are no strong chemical smells, no itchy irritated skin and eyes, no discoloring of bathing suits, and it even creates softer water for everyone to enjoy. The following is one of the systems that we recommend.

The Pool Tux Salt system can be used with above ground pools or inground pools up to 28,000 gallons with everything needed for setup coming in the same box. The salt system uses a 110V GFCI outlet and is easily navigated using push button icons and LED lights. The PoolTux is a great choice as it offers a range of salinity levels and 8 chlorine production ranges. There’s even an option for “Super Chlor” which instructs the generator to work at full capacity for a full 24 hours. This salt system works great in harsh conditions and exceeds any challenges that an outdoor environment may throw at it.

Deciding to go with a salt system as an alternative to chlorine is an easy choice. Once you’ve experienced the salt difference, you’ll never go back to your old treatment methods again!

PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator CLG928A

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