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Dr. Dryden’s Activate Glass Filter Media

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 05/17/2017

Dr. Dryden’s Activate Glass Filter Media

Dr. Dryden’s Activate is a glass filter media designed to replace traditional sand in sand filters.

Activate, according to the manufacturer, “is made from recycled glass that goes through a patented process of decontamination, sterilization, shaping and activation. Activate creates 300 times more surface area; more surface area means more filtration area given a same size filter tank.”

An 18″ sand filter with Activate glass media will filter more effectively than an 18″ sand filter with traditional sand media.The changing of the filter media to Activate creates a superior filtration surface.

Activate glass filter media is negatively charged to attract and capture bacteria and algae- which prevents the formation of biofilm. Biofilm forms from bacteria that is resistant to chlorine @ 50ppm. Biolfilm reduces your filter’s effectiveness and as a result- adversely affects the health of your pool water.

Dr. Dryden’s Activate has two different grades, or coarseness available for purchase. It is recommended to use a mixture of the two types for best results. Take a look at our videos below.

Dr. Dryden's Coarse

Dr. Dryden's Fine

Dr. Dryden's Enhance

Dr. Dryden's