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Enjoy Pool Care - Buy Now for 2022!

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/22/2021

Enjoy Pool Care - Buy Now for 2022!

Enjoy Pool Care is a very popular chlorine alternative that’s perfect for worry-free water treatment. Due to inflation, worldwide shortages, and the increased costs of raw goods overall, it is safe to say that the cost of Enjoy products will be increasing again for the 2022 pool season and beyond.

For those customers that may not know about Enjoy Pool Care, you’ve come to the right place! It’s an easy two-step process that uses 80% less chlorine than traditional chlorine sanitizers.

Enjoy is available in 5 different sizes that correspond to the thousands of gallons of water that your pool holds. Kit sizes include the following:  10K gallons, 15k gallons, 20K gallons, 25K gallons, and 30K gallons.

Also available is the  Enjoy Opening / Closing Kit. This kit includes specially formulated chemicals to get your pool ready for the long winter sleep or start waking it up for spring and summer fun.

Enjoy utilizes silver briquettes as a sanitizer as well as a product called “Once a Week” that expertly oxidizes. The components in each size Enjoy kit never change, only the quantities do. Looking for more info on Enjoy? Read our additional blog on the entire process or watch our informative videos to see what it’s all about.

Alternatives to chlorine, and ways to use less chlorine have become increasingly popular as a national shortage of chlorine tabs has been occurring through a majority of the pandemic. This chlorine shortage has been caused by high demand with more people spending time at home and in their pools, but also contributing, was a major fire at a manufacturing plant that destroyed upwards of 40% of chlorine tabs in the country going into 2021.

These factors had sent the chlorine tab market into a whirlwind as prices skyrocketed, retail organizations were put on allocation, and consumers sought alternative methods of keeping their pools healthy, safe, and clean.

The Enjoy pool care system uses 80% less chlorine so it has definitely been highly sought after in recent pool seasons. Our organization has been told by the manufacturer that prices on these very popular products will continue to rise. Now is a great time to stock-up and replenish your supply of Enjoy Pool Care products in anticipation of the 2022 pool season thus avoiding additional price increases.

Enjoy Pool Care