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Enjoy 10K Gallon Kit

Enjoy 10K Gallon Kit

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Enjoy 10K Gallon Kit

Utilizing an easy two step process, the 10K Enjoy Kit will treat a 10,000 gallon pool for 1 month. One part is specifically formulated tablets that contain oxidizers & other special ingredients that reduce the amount of chlorine. The second part is a specifically formulated, EPA registered, chlorinating product that is used to maintain a minimum .5 chlorine reading. Tablets are used once per month while the chlorinating product is used on a weekly basis.

Enjoy Pool Care Features

  • Enjoy works with all types of pool filters and will not clog.
  • Contains special sanitizer that's used one a Weekly basis and special tablets that are used Once a month.
  • Enjoy comes in 5 convenient sizes for Above Ground Pools; 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, & 30,000 gallon pools.
  • Enjoy is the easy-to-use approach to pool care.
  • It is simple, effective, and greatly reduces the use of chlorine.

Take the work out of maintaining quality pool water. Enjoy contains all the chemicals you need for one month in one convenient box. Each box contains a special sanitizer that is used on a weekly basis and special tablets that are used only once a month. Talk about easy. And best of all, Enjoy uses up to 80% less chlorine so it greatly reduces or eliminates problems associated with chlorine use.

Enjoy Resources

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13 Reviews

  • Posted by Christine S on 10/27/2023



    We love using Enjoy Pool kits. So easy to use and no issues either in our 4 years of use.

  • Posted by Christine on 09/20/2023



    We love your product ENJOY! Easiest way to take care of our pool!

  • Posted by Susan Pelletier on 07/31/2023


    Maintenance weekly

    Love this product. Tells you exactly what to do. All measured out just add product and enjoy.

  • Posted by Kaitlyn on 07/06/2023


    Easy to use!

    Product is easy to use, maintenance is a breeze and keeps water clear!

  • Posted by Paula M Baptista on 11/27/2021


    Enjoy 10 gallon kit

    I like the fact there is less chlorine, and no odor of skin and eyes burning. Everyone asks how I get my pool water to be crystal clear snd I say I use enjoy. Even pool owners with way more experience tell me they cannot believe how clear it is. And this is my first year owning a pool. I love this product. Easy easy and easy to use.

  • Posted by Paula baptista on 09/21/2021


    Enjoy 10k gallon kit

    I have a 21 foot round above ground pool. This is my first season using the enjoy system. It is incredibly easy. My water is crystal clear and there is no smell of chlorine. Others have said they never saw such a glistening pool. A guy who builds pool decks could not believe the quality of the water. I will be ordering this again next year. Extremely satisfied, impressed and easy to use.

  • Posted by Karen on 08/04/2021



    The best of the best. Been using this from day one. Absolutely easy.

  • Posted by Maritza Miller on 05/13/2021


    Best pool chemicals

    I can’t find enjoy anywhere WHY

  • Posted by BRENDA L THOMPSON on 04/15/2021



    We have used this product for years because it is so simple and fantastic!

  • Posted by David Dutra on 07/22/2020


    Works great

    This product is the best I’ve ever had just put it in and forget it It just works so well. I have my Pool water tested every two weeks and its always perfect. Good work enjoy