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How To Reduce Chlorine Usage In Your Pool

Published by Makayla Ruth on 04/18/2022

How To Reduce Chlorine Usage In Your Pool

In the past few years, the pool industry has faced unprecedented challenges when it comes to chlorine supply and demand. Pool owners have had to become creative when it comes to sanitizing their pool, let's go over some effective ways to reduce chlorine usage in your pool.

Salt Chlorine Generators are a very popular choice and a great option to replace chlorine. They are a highly effective disinfectant while also creating softer water to swim in. Salt (NaCl) passes through a salt cell where it goes through electrolysis which breaks down the salt (NaCl) and releases (Cl) chlorine. In turn, this replaces the need to haul tabs or granulated chlorine to your pool.

Hayward AquaRite Salt Generator Complete 40,000 Gallons,Power Center and Salt Cell Kit, W3AQR15 (GLD-45-1003)

Pentair Intellichlor IC40 Salt Chlorinator Cell, EC-520555 (PAC-45-1555)

PoolTux 28K Gallon Salt Chlorine Generator, CLG928A (SOX-45-1037)

Zodiac APURE1400 2-Port Cell 14-Blade With 16 Foot Cord, 2" PVC Unions, R0475400 (JDY-451-4002)

Mineral Sanitizers help to control contaminants and bacteria allowing for chlorine levels to be reduced. Not only do they kill bacteria, but mineral sanitizers inhibit algae growth, and are easy to maintain. At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we suggest the Flippin’ Frog and Flippin’ Frog XL from King Technology for pools up to 10,000 gallons. These deliver minerals to your pool through a floating dispenser. By using both chlorine and minerals, chlorine usage is reduced by 50%. For pools over 10,000 gallons, we recommend the Pool Frog XL Mineral System.

Pool Frog XL Pro In-Ground Mineral System, 01-01-5450 (KTC-45-569)

Frog Flippin' Frog XL Complete Pool Care System, 01-12-8606

Ultraviolet and Ozone systems are another effective way to reduce the need for chlorine while creating a safer swim environment. These systems destroy 99.9% of viruses, pathogens, and bacteria using an advanced oxidization process (AOP for short). This process can reduce chlorine usage by 80%, E-Z Test Pool Supplies recommends the Solaxx Nuvo Ultraviolet Water Sanitizer.

Solaxx Nuvo Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer with Nuvo System 110 V, UV1500A (SOX-45-1015)

 Del Ozone AOP 25 Ozone + UV System , SEC-50-01 (DELAOP25)

Delta Ultraviolet UV Sanitizer D-31 Series, 1000-2283 (E31)

Specialty chemicals such as enzymes, stabilizers, algaecides, phosphate removers, borates, etc... play a role in lowering the workload for chlorine. Keeping a consistent pool maintenance schedule, chlorine will not be needed as much.

Accu Chem Liquid Stabilizer/Conditioner 1 Gallon, 1731

Natural Chemistry Pool Perfect 3 Liter, 13121NCM (NAT-50-899)

Algicil Algaecide (81001)

Accu Chem Calcium Hardness Control 7lbs

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