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Lamotte Waterlink Spin Touch

Published by Matt Fichera on 02/06/2020

Lamotte Waterlink Spin Touch

Lamotte Waterlink Spin Touch

The Ultimate Automated Water Analyzer

The  Water Link Spin Touch photometer does all of your pool and spa water testing wherever you need it. Whether in the field or in the store, each of the reagent disks contains the precise amount of reagent to run a complete series of tests in just 30 or 60 seconds depending on the disk used.

Three Waterlink Spin Touch bundles are available. One includes an in-store kit and the other 2 include waterproof carrying cases:

3580 – No case: Includes In-Store Kit :

3581 - Waterproof Carrying Case with Foam Insert (holds meter and accessories)

3582 - Upright Waterproof Carrying Case with Foam Insert—ideal for 3-Use disk users (holds meter and accessories)

In the field, the results are shown on the touchscreen interface and can be instantly analyzed providing step by step treatment instructions with the use of the app on your mobile device or through the Data Mate computer software linked through the cloud. Through this feature, you are able to record and monitor test history for any given body of water.

In the store the Spin Touch is run directly through the Data Mate software and the results are displayed directly on the monitor and all records can be kept on the hard drive or stored in the cloud for ease of access anywhere.

There are two disks able to be used in the Spin Touch for different applications. Using the new 3 parameter disk you are able to test for Free and Total Chlorine (or Bromine) and the water’s pH. This is perfect for public pools that need to monitor proper chlorine and pH levels throughout the day without the need for a more in-depth analysis.

The other disk is the standard 10 parameter test disk. This is ideal for service, in store testing and public pool testing that requires a complete water chemistry analysis. In addition to the testing of Free and Total Chlorine and pH, like the 3-parameter disk, this disk will also test for Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Salt, and Phosphates.

Lamotte Waterlink Spin Touch

The touchscreen interface is intuitive and able to be customized to the user’s liking. The software allows for complete customer data including a comprehensive history of dates, times, water test results and the work done. This data is able to be shared across multiple store and service locations and can be securely backed up with customizable treatment recommendations also provided.

Customer data can be edited to include not only pool volume and sanitizer type, but also the brand of chemicals used, type of pool, and relevant pool components such as: filter, heater, salt generator, water features and more. In addition, every test sheet will include all of the customer’s information as well as the store’s and provides a place to advertise any sales or pertinent information for the customer.

The Spin Touch photometer coupled with the Data Mate software provides unparalleled ease of use, in depth analysis and data storage compared to any other water testing solutions. Being able to use in the store or on the go allows greater freedom and being able to share and store unlimited tests allows for a better more accurate customer experience. Here's a brochure:

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