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National Swimming Pool Day: Pools Now & Then

Published by Brooke Sardella on 07/11/2022

National Swimming Pool Day: Pools Now & Then

Can you think back to your favorite pool memory? Maybe it was the best poolside burger at your family barbeque, lounging in your swimsuit on a Sunday, or staying fit with some laps in the water. Whatever they may be, that is what National Swimming Pool Day is for, to remember and appreciate all the ways swimming pools make summer so fun!

We went back in time and found out that swimming pools were invented in 3000 B.C. in modern-day Pakistan, where they were made out of bricks and tar sealant. That doesn’t sound anywhere near as great as our Fiberglass Pool Installations, but we’ll take a dip where we can find it! Fast forward about 2,000 years and the first heated pool was created in ancient Rome, where pools were once built to conduct military drills, games, and athletic training. We still love to take laps in the pool and stay fit, but have innovated our heating systems a bit and now use Heat Pumps and Heaters instead of building fires.

The oldest pool in the United States, Underwood Pool in Belmont, MA, is actually just 30 miles away from our headquarters here in Plaistow, NH! In the past, not many homeowners were able to create backyard pools, but now it is simpler than ever to install an above or in-ground pool for your family!

How to Celebrate National Swimming Pool Day

1. Take a swim

Grab a new float or pool toy and dive in for a swim with your friends and family.

2. Add a new feature

Show your pool appreciation by upgrading your pool experience with a different linernew lightingwater features, or modern hardware.

3. Install your very own pool!

Can’t celebrate at your own pool? Today is the day to start the conversation! Learn more about how you can create your own backyard oasis.

Pools Worth Celebrating

1. Fiberglass

These pools are quick to install and cost-effective, while looking luxurious with their freeform shapes and ledges.

2. Radiant

Versatile and durable in many different shapes and sizes, Radiant pools can last nearly 50 years!

3. Plunge Pools

Almost a pool, almost a spa. Plunge pools are perfect to take a dip in small backyards.

4. Spa Hot Tubs

Though they may be small, Spas are filled with relaxation and hydrotherapy benefits.

5. Above Ground

An easy-to-install family favorite that fits many backyards and budgets.

Time have certainly changed for the better here in the pool industry and we can't wait to see what the future holds.  So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store to find the best products for your pool.