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​Pool vs. Lawn: The Greener Backyard Choice Will Surprise You!

Published by Brooke Sardella on 03/22/2022

​Pool vs. Lawn: The Greener Backyard Choice Will Surprise You!

World Water Day comes once a year on March 22. This day brings awareness to water scarcity and the 2 billion people without access to safe water. Here at E-Z Test Pool Supplies, when we think water, we think pools! So our question is: Does owning a swimming pool waste water? Well, the answer might surprise you!

Taking care of a lawn can be compared to pool maintenance. A well-manicured lawn requires constant upkeep of soil pH, grass cutting, seeding, pest maintenance, etc., and lots of watering! While a pool requires water, pH testing, circulating, filtering, algae control, etc., and lots of water!. Are you seeing the similarities? The truth is, they both require maintenance and a lot of water, but which is the true “greener” option? The simple answer is - a pool!

This may surprise you, but pools actually use significantly less water than a lawn of the same size. A covered 16,000 gallon pool uses, well, only 16k gallons, while a lawn of the same square footage could require 115,000 gallons! This is good news for your wallet because less water = less money spent on the water.

“With a pool cover on 70 percent of the time…a pool will use five times less water than a traditional landscape”

- The Santa Margarita Water District

If that doesn't make pools the clear winner here, we can also take into account that most homes have lawns. Lawns are beautiful, but they are common and not a place of interest. The appeal sinks lower when the lawn is treated with polluting pesticides and fertilizers that could be harmful to children and pets! Pools, on the other hand, are a memorable entertainment space where friends and family will look forward to visiting, for years.

In takeaway, covered pools use far less water in relation to a lawn of the same size. So, make the true “green” choice and install a pool instead of just maintaining a big backyard lawn! Explore our options for an aquatic backyard with spasinground and above ground pool installations in New England!

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