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PoolTux Salt Chlorine Generator

Published by Matt Fichera on 12/23/2020

PoolTux Salt Chlorine Generator

The PoolTux Salt Chlorine Generator is a powerful saltwater system sanitizing your pool using salt to generate its own chlorine. It’s designed for use with either inground or above ground pools containing up to 28,000 gallons of water. The system connects to the outside of your pool’s return fitting and everything that you need for setup is included in the box that it comes in, no special tools needed. The salt system quickly and easily plugs into a 110V GFCI outlet while a technologically advanced switch-mode power supply provides smooth current to the cell. It’s easily operated with push button icons and LED indicator lights, providing an instant snapshot of the system’s overall status.

The controls offer 8 levels for the production of chlorine and can operate at a wide range of salinity levels from 2,000 to 6,000 ppm. There’s also a “Super Chlor” button which enables full capacity operation for 24 hours. Even in extreme temperatures, this PoolTux system works at full capacity as it utilizes a super-sized heat sink along with an Anti-UV tinted window working to keep the membrane switch out of sunlight and inclement weather. Worried about running out of salt? No problem, as a low salt indicator light is included telling you when more salt is needed. Flow and temperature sensors secure safe operation and work to prolong the life of the salt cell as well.

The PoolTux system is uncompromisingly effective and highly reliable. With the smallest number of moving parts and many electrical protections, this system resists the harsh conditions that any outdoor equipment experiences.

salt system is a great alternative to using traditional chlorine tabs. They are easy to understand and operate plus you’ll love the silky soft feel of the water. Deciding to go with salt will eliminate your time and money being spent purchasing, transporting, storing, and applying traditional chlorine. Once you’ve experienced the salt difference, you’ll never go back to your old treatment methods again!

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