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The Raypak AVIA is Ready to Heat Your Pool!

Published by Matt Fichera on 02/18/2022

The Raypak AVIA is Ready to Heat Your Pool!

This next-generation pool and spa heater’s arrival has been highly anticipated and it’s now available for purchase.

The AVIA has the first and only advanced wi-fi control system that is built directly into the heater. Remote management of your pool and/or spa’s aquatic system can be done with just a few simple touches of your phone or tablet. The AVIA is always ready to go to work, 24/7 and from anywhere you are in the world.

In the fall of 2021, we were lucky enough to have had Brian Williams, the Northeast District Sales Manager for Raypak out for a visit to provide some training on this new product. While here, our team was able to sit down with him to discuss this highly anticipated product addition.

“The AVIA pool heater has been in the works from Raypak for about 3 to 4 years and is a culmination of the voice of customer research that we’ve been doing over the years. They’ve asked us to make a smaller product, they’ve asked us to make a more efficient product, they’ve asked us to make a product that fits into the same space as competitor’s products will fit in, and the biggest thing that they’ve asked for, is they’ve asked for a heater that’s easily usable when attached to the Raymote app or an app on their phone.”

Many great features are included with the AVIA. Along with being able to control the temperature of your pool remotely, the AVIA also learns the size of your body of water and will automatically notify you when it has arrived at your desired temperature. Any type of service alert can also be received in real-time through push notifications on your phone. The ProTek shield is also a staple on Raypak products which helps to protect the heater from corrosion thus prolonging its operating life. Brian Williams from Raypak added:

“The most exciting thing that we have with this heater is the Raymote app which allows the homeowner to take the heater and temperatures up to 104° and down. All you would do is download the Raymote app onto your smartphone or tablet and connect into your heater and it’s just that easy. It’s essentially eliminating the need for a multi-thousand-dollar automation system that you historically would have needed to automate your pool heater.”

The AVIA also weighs less than 140 pounds and is easily installed on a standard 2x2 pool pad. Another feature of the AVIA that is definitely worth mentioning is that it can be rotated three different ways to provide different setup options as is needed. Water and gas connections are also available on both the left and the right for easy install and setup. The heater uses what is called a straight tube heat exchanger which makes it the most serviceable gas heater available on the market. When asked about ease of installation, Brian Williams from Raypak emphasized that switching to the new AVIA was very easy:

“We’ve got water openings that are compatible with other company’s pool heaters to make drop in and drop out applications very easy. We also have efficiencies at 84% and up on the AVIA and a very smart diagnostic control system that will tell you exactly how long it’s going to take to heat your body of water.”

The AVIA can monitor pumps, lights, or water features as well as the heating unit itself. The AVIA is perfect for homeowners who want to take complete control of the aquatic ecosystem and do it remotely. Because the AVIA can handle these tasks, it really does eliminate the need for a full automation system.

The heater is available in two different sizes: the 264K BTU version is great for smaller pools and spas while the 404K BTU version is great for larger pools. Whether your fuel source is natural gas or propane, the AVIA is available for either of these fuel types in either size heating unit. The AVIA is low NOx certified and carries an 84% efficiency rate.

Do you still have questions? Be sure to check out our other blogs, videos, and the product pages located below. We want to thank Brian Williams from Raypak for taking the time to stop in and discuss this latest product release. Our team would also be happy to help answer any questions on the AVIA gas heater or anything else pool & spa related.

The Raypak AVIA is now available for purchase at while supplies last. Demand and anticipation, fueled by the AVIA’s ground breaking industry advancements, will likely make this one of the fastest selling pool heaters of the 2022 pool season and beyond. Make sure you get in on the excitement!

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