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Delta Dream Salt-Friendly Above Ground Swimming Pool, Oval, 54" Walls

Delta Dream Salt-Friendly Above Ground Swimming Pool, Oval, 54" Walls


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Delta Dream Salt-Friendly Hybrid Above Ground Swimming Pool, Oval, 54" Walls, Compac Supports

Dive into the future of backyard fun with the Delta Dream, the ultimate salt-friendly above ground swimming pool that promises to revolutionize your summer experiences! Constructed with state-of-the-art resin top rails, robust resin upright supports, and heavy-duty aluminum walls, the Delta Dream is engineered to perfectly accommodate a salt system, ensuring your pool water remains premiumly sanitized and crystal clear with the least maintenance. With stabilizer rails coated for an additional shield against corrosion, this pool stands as a titan against the elements. But that's not all – the Delta Dream comes backed by an astonishing 60-year warranty, guaranteeing decades of endless fun and peace of mind. Don't just dream about the perfect summer oasis in your backyard; make it a reality with the Delta Dream pool, where unparalleled quality meets the zenith of pool innovation!

Elevate your backyard into a personal retreat with the Delta Dream, an above ground pool designed to embody both luxury and longevity. Crafted from heavy aluminum, the walls of the Delta Dream stand resilient against the test of time, while its resin top and vertical rails are extruded for a smooth, sophisticated finish that not only looks stunning but enhances durability by eliminating top rail rocking. The elegant, silver-tone colored resin top connectors add a touch of class to your outdoor space, complemented by coated stabilizer rails that offer an added defense against corrosion.

But the Delta Dream doesn't stop at just being a robust structure; it's designed with your convenience and leisure in mind. The premium resin bottom rails promise a long, trouble-free lifespan, ensuring that your pool remains a cornerstone of summer fun for years to come. This pool is perfectly suited for those opting for a salt system, thanks to its resin and aluminum materials that mitigate corrosion risks, allowing you more time to enjoy and less time to worry about maintenance.

Offering a variety of sizes from 12'x20' to 21'x41' oval above ground pools and manufactured right here in the USA, the Delta Dream is the versatile choice for any backyard. It comes equipped with a standard Thru-Wall Skimmer, and for an extra touch of quality, the vertical end caps, top, and bottom, are powder coated, ensuring your pool not only performs well but also looks good doing it.

Owning a Delta Dream means more than just having a pool; it means summer days filled with laughter, splashes, and the joy of family gatherings. It's about cooling off on those hot afternoons, teaching your kids to swim, and relaxing by the water on a quiet morning. With a 60-year warranty, the Delta Dream promises to be a part of your family's best summer memories for generations. Make the most out of your summers, bring your family together, and complete your backyard with the Delta Dream – where every splash tells a story.


  • 8" Resin Top Rails
  • 8" Resin Vertical Upright Supports
  • Heavy Aluminum Walls
  • Powder Coated Vertical End Caps
  • Premium Resin Bottom Rails
  • Coated Stabilizer Rails
  • Compac Supports (Compac Supports extend only 9 inches beyond the sidewall, not the standard 36 inches by competitors. This accommodates larger pool models in smaller backyards.

Customizable Pool Package

The customization of an above-ground swimming pool, especially the Delta Dream model, is considered an exciting journey toward endless summer fun. By being offered a variety of sizes, from cozy 12-foot models to expansive 30-foot designs, families are given the power to choose the perfect fit for their backyard oasis.

With the selection of pool liners, the aesthetic appeal of the pool is significantly enhanced, allowing for a personalized touch that reflects the homeowner's style. The choice in skimmer color, along with the size of the filter and pump, is carefully made, ensuring that the pool's maintenance fits seamlessly into daily life. Furthermore, the decision regarding the ladder contributes to the safety and accessibility of the pool, making it a welcoming feature for swimmers of all ages.

It is observed that through these customization options, backyard pools become a central hub of activity, bringing families together for moments of joy, relaxation, and the creation of lasting memories, thus turning the warm months into a period of uninterrupted bliss and bonding.

  1. Choose Your Size
    These above ground pools are available in 20'x12', 24'x12', 28'x16', 32'x16', 34'x18', and 41'x21' oval sizes.

  2. Choose Your Liner 
    Select from 15 mil or 20 mil vinyl liner patterns. Subject to availability. Call for additional options.

  3. Choose Your Pump and Filter 
    For larger pools, bigger pumps and filters are preferred to keep your pool clean.

  4. Choose Your Skimmer Color 
    Skimmer colors are available in beige and gray.

  5. Choose How to Enter Your Pool 
    If you have a deck, choose the Biltmor Ladder. If you don't have a pool deck, choose the A-Frame Ladder.

Made in America by H.I.I. The manufacturer of Doughboy, Lomart & Embassy Poolco for over 75 years.

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Additional Information

The average lead time for your custom pool package is 3 to 7 business days. Pools will be shipped with a premium LTL service (FedEx LTL) to reduce the chances of freight damage. The premium freight is included at no additional cost!