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Dr. Dryden's Enhance Summer 64 Oz., A999014

Dr. Dryden's Enhance Summer 64 Oz., A999014

Mfg #: A999012

SKU: A999014

UPC: 718117498442

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Maytronics A999014 Dr. Dryden's Enhance Summer UV Filter .5 Gallon Bottle

Dr. Dryden's Summer Enhance is a natural enzyme and clarifier-based product designed to improve the clarity and quality of swimming pool and spa water. It breaks down organic contaminants such as oils, lotions, and sweat, helping to reduce cloudy or hazy water, unpleasant odors, and foam formation. The product is safe to use with all types of pool and spa surfaces and sanitizers and is biodegradable, making it eco-friendly. Regular use of Dr. Dryden's Summer Enhance can help to reduce the workload on pool and spa filtration systems and make swimming and soaking a more enjoyable experience.

Product Features

  • Works by amplifying the energy of the sun, boosting natural photo-oxidation from UV light. The accelerated energy from the sun forms powerful active free radicals. These free radicals work just like chlorine to remove pollutants. They DO NOT however form
  • Protects chlorine making it last up to 3 times longer
  • Replaces the need for chlorine stabilizer (cyanuric acid)
  • Replaces the need for water clarifiers & polishers
  • Helps to reduce red eye irritation itchy skin & unpleasant odors
  • Compatible with all sanitizers filter systems & pool surfaces

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