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Easycare Pooltec Multi Task Algaecide Pool Water, EYC30064

Easycare Pooltec Multi Task Algaecide Pool Water, EYC30064

Mfg #: EYC30064


UPC: 732337300644

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Easycare Pooltec Multi Task Algaecide Pool Water

In small weekly doses it provides continuous prevention of green, yellow and black algae while reducing chlorine use, shocking, and other chemical usage. Kills most algae in 4 to 24 hr with a non hazardous and enviro-safe formula. Swim right after treatment!


  • Strong synergy with chlorine results in improved chlorine effectiveness and residuals
  • Ultra-clarifies pool water and kills all types of algae
  • Multi-task treatment eliminates other cleanup products such as algaecides and clarifiers
  • One bottle will last the average 20000 gal pool two months
  • Works well with salt pool generator units
  • Strong clarifiers create ultra-clear water
  • Excellent winter layup during non-swim season without chlorine
  • Boosts chlorine's effectiveness up to 6X (600%)
  • Improves salt cell's chlorine output and performance
  • Powerful treatment for heavy use and salt cell pools
  • Eliminates chlorine odors and skin-eye irritation
  • Very effective even at phosphate levels above 5000 ppb
  • Superior results when compared to sodium bromide, copper, silver, enzyme and phosphate remover treatments